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  1. Hey Tomas Thanks you so much !! I can't believe it was that easy... I've been messing with this the whole week! Thank you for taking the time to look at the file.
  2. Thanks but I'm not sure I understand. Would It be a hassle to get you to make a file for me? Would really appreciate it.
  3. Hello I've just started dipping my toes in Houdini land, coming from c4d, and I'm really hitting a wall where tutorials and the wiki isn't helping me, being more an artist than a mathematician :-) So bear with me. I'm modeling 1 part out of 4 - of a round object, and trying to clone (copy to points) some torus objects onto some specific points. The part has 1 center piece, and 6 surrounding pieces, and a wan't my torus objects to be perpendicular from the center piece towards the surrounding pieces, so they form kind of a bridge, or some stitches if you will. I hope i make myself clear, English isn't my native language, but also see attached image. I've googled long enough to figure out that it might be some kind of issue with the quaternion rotating along the point normal - But I'm not much of a VEX guy, and I can't seem to figure out which nodes to use in VOPs. So my last resort is reaching out here and asking for help. See attached image - The selected rings is rotated pretty much correct. How do i rotate the remaining ones. Also see attached file. Hoping for some magic help on this one :-) Copy_Angle_Help.hip