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  1. copy to points with rotation of rbd

    Oh thanks a lot, you're a life saver !
  2. copy to points with rotation of rbd

    Big thanks for your attention. But I'm newbie and I couldnt do that. Can you be more clear. In dopimport I select Fetch Geometry from Dop Network as import style and wrangle running over points.
  3. Hi everyone. I have a RBD sim that falling some geo's. And I wanted to copy some geo's to their centers. But theese geo's has no rotation data. How can I copy the rotation data of sim ? I tried to tranfer orient and w attributes and it doesnt work as well.
  4. Hello guys, theese days I'm working on a project about swarm behaviour of fishes. I made a particle setup, than I copy to points node for change particles to animated abc. But I have an issue about it, the movement of fishes are so noisy. There is any way to do it make them smooth, and more natural. By the way, sorry for newbie question. Thanks for attention. fishes_swarm.mp4