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  1. Spread with Animated Source

    Thanks for the solution ! Can you explain how it works ?
  2. Spread with Animated Source

    Hi guys, i have a problem about growth solver. It's working when I select the start group by hand. But its not working when I created to group by animated sphere. Also there is same when i try to create starting group by attribute transfer. I seached about it and I found this topic : https://forums.odforce.net/topic/19897-solver-sop-inside-sop-solver/?tab=comments#comment-119311 Its working but it made in H13 I guess and its non commercial. I tried to rebuild it in H18.5 and its not working. I will be glad if you help. Thanks. spread-v01.hip
  3. Mops and Rbd Car

    It solved. Im keeping this topic for the people who wants to know the answer. After I done with MOPS falloffs, I created @active and @animated attributes in attribexpression; then I justed changed @animated to @deforming then it solved. Thanks to Henry Foster.
  4. Mops and Rbd Car

    Hello guys, i have a problem with MOPS and rbd. I made a basic box, fractured it and i added tired that rotating in transform node. Then I merge them all and add animation to move forward. Then i changeg the active attribute with mops. Everything looks okey until it comes to rbd. In rbd, there is no animation at all, but it takes the active data from mops; how can i merge animation and the sim ? I want the rbd start while it moves. mops_car_test.hip test[1-50].mp4 whathappens.mp4
  5. copy to points with rotation of rbd

    Oh thanks a lot, you're a life saver !
  6. copy to points with rotation of rbd

    Big thanks for your attention. But I'm newbie and I couldnt do that. Can you be more clear. In dopimport I select Fetch Geometry from Dop Network as import style and wrangle running over points.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a RBD sim that falling some geo's. And I wanted to copy some geo's to their centers. But theese geo's has no rotation data. How can I copy the rotation data of sim ? I tried to tranfer orient and w attributes and it doesnt work as well.
  8. Hello guys, theese days I'm working on a project about swarm behaviour of fishes. I made a particle setup, than I copy to points node for change particles to animated abc. But I have an issue about it, the movement of fishes are so noisy. There is any way to do it make them smooth, and more natural. By the way, sorry for newbie question. Thanks for attention. fishes_swarm.mp4