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  1. Everything is just fine when Principle Shader is included in setup. Both Test Spheres have same material, just some parameters are changed. Still, there is soo much work to do. Thanks David!
  2. Of course, displacement work fine with Priniciple Shader. My setup was "manual", with BSDF Diffuse, BSDF Reflection and Displacement Along Normal, so my kung-fu is still not good enough and I messed up something. Back to learning.
  3. Thank you very much David! I will check your file soon as I can. I'm shure I'm doing something wrong and I will try to find where is the problem in my setup. Again, thank you very much for your goodwill and time!
  4. Thank you David! About displacement issue, I tried bound with value of 1 and more (Scale is about 0.03) and I still get that issue.
  5. My apologies to all if I didn't gave enough informations, I'm pretty much beginner so especially "Big Guys", please have a mercy on me. Light in the scene is Sun - Sky. As I mentioned in first post, textures are procedural and as far as I could check, in textures I don't have values smaller than 0 and greater than 1. Only final output have values greater than 1 (e.g. in attachment last image show I have values of 15) and I get fireflies. I suppose BSDF Albedo maybe can be solution but I don't know when and where to connect that node, or I will need somehow to clamp values.
  6. Hi, I tried to recreate gravel / terrazzo floor material, fully procedural. As you can see in attachment, I have white spots artefacts on final output. Also, and I don't know why, I have more obvious problem with displacement. I connected Properties Node with Displacement Bound set higher than Scale, so if I'm not wrong, that should not be the problem. Render is Mantra PBR, default settings. Does anyone have idea why those nasty white spots appear and why displacement break poly's.