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  1. Hello all, I need some help concerning issue with two materials in Unity for simulation exported as alembic from Houdini. When imported, all pieces have the same name, dopnet1(number), regardless if the have one or two materials (inside mat and outside mat) How can I make all pieces with one material to have "name1" and pieces with two materials "name2"? Test08.rar
  2. Hello all, I am a beginner in Houdini and I would appreciate if someone could give me advice or tutorial how to export fractured geometry from Houdini to be used in Unity I am fracturing asset that was done in Maya and already textured I manage to fracture it to my liking, but have trouble to export fbx sequence with two sets of UVs, one for inside and preserve already made Uvs for outside (since texture already exist) most of online tutorials that I have found deal with how to fracture a piece of geometry from houdini, without mentioning UV part, not how to fracture imported geo that alrady have texture for the outside and then export it to be textured inside and used in game engine (in this case, unity any advice or will be appreciated thanks