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  1. xml based generic cmd gui

    never considered awk or sed until now, good one What do you pipe to sed? the plain simple stdout? Would it be possible for you to send me any example stream you feed sed with from another command or how you pipe it? Im finishing up some details and ill package it with a complete 3delight/houdini cmd xml schema for testing. Houdini commands tested but not completely described in the xml yet. Its getting harder and harder to work late in this when is a sunny uk summer outside!!!
  2. xml based generic cmd gui

    Just finishing up this project, basically a dynamic interface for command line executables that builds itself according to the commands, options, optionTypes, and option default values espeficied in a xml file. Sort of like "a gui to rul'em all", it turned out to be quite a time saver. Specially when threading (tdlmake), building up commands to execute in the console with default activated arguments and values, etc (for shaderdl, ptcfilter, merge etc), and handy as it runs inside houdini maya and as standalone. I plan to upload it soon after a little extra testing, and i was just wondering i might add some extra functionalities before releasing it Whatd you guys find useful in a interface like this? whatd you want it to have? Whats the thing you cant live without when cmding on a console? simple input/ouput? wildcards? regex? pipes? redirects?
  3. PyQy and Houdini

    Not sure if i understood the question correctly but i think you are looking for this? button.signal.connect(functionToCall) and you can pass arguments to the function using lambda or partial for ie with clicked signal button.clicked.connect( partial (functionToCall,arg1, arg2,...) ) Loads of good examples and a recommended reading material http://www.qtrac.eu/pyqtbook.html#toc
  4. Im gonna start trying to do a really particular effect i have in mind for a project. (see quick sketch for ref) And i would love if someone can point me in the right direction as ive never even played nor worked with particles or fluids. I have been watching (still some chapters to go) DT introduction to fluids to get a basic understanding, but as this is a really particular and i think tricky thing... here is my question to you. What would be the best approach to make the floor (let say a street) crack and tear (from an object coming out of it) in a "fluid like manner", with a rbd behavior until the flying cracked asphalt parts hit the floor and "blend again" with it. And the hole in the ground getting filled again. The main issue here would be having the rbd "hard feeling" when cracking and tearing, and after that the "fluid" feeling. Imagine a tube like wave in the ocean with the tube made up with solid chunks of material/rocks and the ocean itself as the street. I hope i made myself clear enough, to have some pointers about how would be the best approach, or what not to do. Thanks in advance! Here is the quick sketch (really quick) with a ball coming out of the floor.
  5. Mexican Transformers

    Check out the transformation at the end... http://www.viddler.com/explore/thechive/videos/23/22.75/ btw... no 3d involved!
  6. Inside is Better

    thanks!!!! Leo, thats a GREAT image gallery for inspiration, so cute little fellows I finished the image a few weeks ago, but i didnt have the time to upload any img until yesterday that i updated my site a little bit. Here is a crop from the 720p size render. Finished the facial rig (after this render) and i need to start working on the body rig.
  7. windows XP 64 bit??

    yep no problem, the drv names for vist64/2008 was just for my case, but using the same method you can find all the xp64 ones The only downside with 2008 64 (as with the xp64 and vista 64) its the problem/bug in houdini(?) with the obj rop (sometimes it exports 0kb obj files). Without considering that thingie i love it. Boots fast, feels faster than xp, and uses the same amount of memory than xp 64, and actually the "windows getting slower and painful curve" is considerably slower. I used to have several acronis disc images from the windows instalation and tunning stages to pour over the disc every 2 weeks or so. And i didnt use acronis since i installed win 2008 (almost 5 months now). Im impressed mainly about that i didnt feel the need to get the acronis cd because windows its gettin chubbie. Not a technical review as you can see, just my experience, the last time i felt this way i was using win2000
  8. windows XP 64 bit??

    vostro 1700 win2008 server 64 bits here. I tried it 5 months ago... never looked back (same drivers as vista 64) I ran into the same problem when i installed xp 64. And actually all the drivers are the same for most of dell laptops(for matching components of course). But dell just let you download the driver for the windows version that ships with your laptop brand (lets say xps, studio, vostro, etc) You can use Everest software to figure out the chipset/brand of all the components. When you have components/chipset list, just go to the dell support web and search for xps/latitude/precision drivers (those 3 ships with xp 32/64 and vista 32/64) and download the drivers that match your components. For example in the precision m6400 driver for windows xp 64 page, inside the audio tab you are gonna read "applies to 92HDxxx HD Audio" (If i remember correctly, for windows xp 64 you need to install the Intel HD Audio patch before installing the actual driver, you can find it inside the folder in which you unziped the driver package) My drivers are (SERVER2008/VISTA 64)(you can google them and check if "applies to..." your stuff, just if you are planning to install vista 64 or 2008 server 64) Audio: R190517.EXE Bluetooth: R161378.EXE Network BroadCom: R154493.EXE Chipset: R153997.exe MultiCardReader: R161772.EXE Synaptics Touchpad: R165804.exe WebCam Creative: R165116.EXE Wifi depends on your choice Search that one yourself, and if you plan to install xp 64, search them all that way Easy as pie
  9. Inside is Better

    thanks! Da juice, The metal its in fact a procedural, done in shadetree but i ran into some troubles so i rendered it and mapped it for the moment, i plan to make it work in the next couple of days. And didnt noticed until i read your post (i finnished this one 4am yesterday jejeje) yep the aberration was setted for hd720, but with the 1080 size its too much Ronen, mainly standard shaders shipped with proserver, except for the fur one that its my very own first shader (done for 3delight, and changed a bit to work on renderman) 20 minutes per frame (shadows, pointclouds for occlussion/sss, and frame) (over net prman on quad 2.6 + laptop dual 2.6) Glad you like it, im gonna keep working on the lighting and refine a few things also
  10. Inside is Better

    To continue figuring out the houdini-prman workflow... I started this project a week ago Modeling in houdini/zbrush/topogun, rigging and fur in houdini, and render in prman Im still lacking some details on the cage, face shapes, aovs passes for comp (this is a raw render with no comp just a litle grain), and the most important: an animator to move the character around a bit C&C welcome. ps: character inspired (but not based) on an great illustration by Bobby Chiu pps: i promise the next one is gonna be on mantra
  11. Giraffe

    thanks, im still not pleased with the comp but you will understand that is a wip video
  12. Giraffe

    Houdini and prman Just lots of "my first ___" in this project. Basically i used displace, muscle rigging, a little jiggler with chops, an animated noise for the hair, slim for shaders, renderman, comp in halo, and my very first hair shader (i wrote it for 3delight for this chararacter here i just modified it to use with renderman, but im still not satified with the shader result) Couldnt figure out a few things in the houdini-->prman pipeline such as ptc bake for sss, so i did the sss the ugly way editing the ribs with a script to do just a bake render prior the final one. The comp is still wip, needs a few tweaks coming in the next couple of days when i have the time. hope you like it! Shading, and the zbrush model Img from the video Img from the video 2
  13. Smoothing border points affected in a Chop?

    thanks michael im gonna add the extra muscle for this character, but i refuse to let the chops win if you can just aim me in the right direction about what to do, ill be fine many thanks!
  14. Smoothing border points affected in a Chop?

    Thanks michael Im kinda new with chops so im a little lost i rigged this char with muscles so bones its kind out of the question... for what ive read in the forum you cant... right? or is there a workaround to mix both? so i going with chops, trying to get to this in a simple file... here its a hip with a grid and a lag chop and a attrb painted for multiplying the lag, and im stuck here not knowing what to do with both inside the chop net. i Tried to figure out how to use the attrb to mask the lag effect before posting anything but i have nothing. i got something similar with 2 math chops and averaging the result, but no multLag_Attrib.hip