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  1. Help Constraints two geometries

    Hello guys, I making simple spheres constrained to something like a sea surface. while to sea move the constraints act like spring pulling/pushing the spheres. i created the polylines that are the constraints, and tried to build that godamn thing with no luck yet. new to houdini and im not figuring how to do that. please help. ps: (i will attach an basic example) constraints_rbd_v00.hip
  2. Hello guys, i have a few sphere scattered on moving surface. i want to create some polylines on closes location on moving surface to use as RBD constraints. but i cant wrangle it. ive managed to use an Vellumconstraint and set to attach to geometry to try to create those lines, it gives the polylines but in the next node these disapear(maybe it is just an visualization, not really workable). please help ps: i will atach an basic setup closest_pt_on_primitive_v00.hip
  3. (Solved)FLIP: cutoff low density areas Help

    Jiri, you was absolutely correct, that argument wasnt returning any neighbor, i feel totally fooled by that vex expression lol. thanks
  4. Hello guys, i trying to delete areas where has low density of particles. i saw a tips on this page: http://www.cgchannel.com/2020/03/10-expert-tips-for-better-houdini-flip-fluid-simulations/ on hint 5, he wrangle an array using a pcfind then apply to pscale. ive done same here, even copy to wrangle code into a basic setup here, but still not working. maybe it has something with the content of the page that isnt working? i dont know. thanks in advance ps: i attaching an simple .hip file flip_density_.hip
  5. bump/displace Help

    Hello guys i actually trying to find a way to apply bump/displace to model using an build-in noise i using mantra with principled shader, o tried a few ways to build-that with no luck at all. please help. ps: i will attach an basic setup. bump.hipbump.hipbump.hipbump.hip bump.hip
  6. wow been looking elsewhere but here. this explanation is crystal clear thanks @StepbyStepVFX
  7. Blood Spray/Splash Help

    Trying to create a blood splatter/squirt (more likely spray then a viscous). I've screwed around a bit with the settings adding viscosity, bounce, but it's definitely not richy quality. Just saw an tutorial outdated(houdini 12 or something) I haven't seen any tutorials really on building this. and wondered if anyone could offer any insight!
  8. Hello guys, i would like to give an big scale of disturbance in my smoke simulation, and an fine details in thinner areas. in good old days i would use two difference scales (gas disturbance) and merge them. but looks like in Houdini 18 the gas disturbance was replaced by the so called gas disturb, it seems both do the same thing. however the parameter cutoff(if i not wrong, it's the area where the disturb would act, using the value of density) Is no longer available. and there is a Threshold Range, but i didn't fully understand how read this value and use it well. how use those parameters well, like how i read these values to put in Threhold Range
  9. (Solved)Rigid Bodies active by geometry

    wooow that was a crystal clear solution bud! the explanation concerning the sopsolver/solver sop. was awesome. and apparently the vex function max is doing the magic. thanks!!
  10. hello guys, i with a scene that has an moving tire, while it pass the on the surface the gravel begin to fly and blow away. i scattered an bunch of geometry into the surface. in the dop level, ive used SOP solver in pre-solve to give the active=1 to the points(and "hold" the active 1 using an solver) but none of this shit worked, ive messing around and debuging the spreadsheet with no luck att all, i lost. Thanks ps: i will attach an simple setup of this active_by_geometry_v00.hip
  11. Hello guys i having trouble while doing this process: I use an incoming modelled piece geometry to boolean an moving alembic. the ideia is one of the debris piece fall with an normal gravity. while the moving geometry stick with the booleaned shape. i was messing with point deform nut no luck at all. i dunno if it a bit complicated if need i can provid an simple setup of the question. thx
  12. RBD varying mass Help

    Hello guys ive an very simple setup, of sphere jumping. however i would like to variate the drag of each piece(not using the initial velocity) is that possible?? i was messing with mass but still not figuring effectively how it work in solver thx ps: i will attach an simple exemple vary_drag.hip
  13. (Solved)RBD Solver-Active pieces in an location HELP

    hmm i thought the dop would read automatically those incoming attributes from the geometry level. definetly gonna try that ed: It works perfectly!! thanks Hernan
  14. Hello guys, the scene has an simple moving geometry, with a bunch of spheres scattered in this moving box. and i need to maintain this animation and when these sphere enter in certain area they fall (something like an ativador). I was messing with RBD Packed Object, it seems it has something with this tree integers attribute (active,animated,deforming). Using attribute transfer sop to change those values and the activator region looked good but it didn't work as expected. please any tips to achieve this?? ps: i will attach an .hip setup. activate_by_region_v00.hip
  15. Delete Post

    hello guys, i created an duplicate post, for the sake of organization of the community is there a way to delete an post