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  1. Good call, i couldnt find exactly this name. the Labs Maps Baker did the job. Thanks
  2. Hey guys my model has an color and uv's. how do i export to image the the unwrapped view?
  3. Burnt Mask

    Hey matte I couldn't find the file
  4. Burnt Mask

    That wrangle works perfectly. Thank you pal
  5. Burnt Mask

    Hi guys. I trying to build an burnt mask by sampling the value of the volume when it touches the ceiling. ive achieved the value of the flames and fit it to 1 to 0. the issue is, the value dont "hold" the value of 1 of the last frame, the ideia its to maintain the value of 1.0 like an burned areas. ive used an sop solver to maintain the value of one ofthe previous frame but it keeping to update the value. maybe i'm missing something, please help me. burnt_mask_v00.hip
  6. pyro custom field as mask

    Hey Thank you such for share such valuable knowledge, the file was pretty much helpful. After i close look. i made a kind of different approach at your .hip Used the gas fieldwrangle to bring to rasterized volume, from the sop level. Volumesample to read the data from the field. And plugged it directly in the control field of the gas turbulance. I didnt get gas match field bussiness.
  7. Hello guys, I build an scalar field based on height. How the bring that to dop level to use as mask with Gas disturb?? height_field.hip
  8. Hello guys. i created a few points falling into an geometry and then stop. In order to stop them, i used an pop collision detect and noticed that sticky work way better then stop behavior. after the sim its done i will instance the geometries at each point. to give then an rotation im using pop drag spin. here is the issue, when the points sticky at geometry, the rotation still occuring due the pop drag spin. i would like to freeze them (even better with an ease) right after the collision. i tried a few methods to force those geometries to stop when they collide but the rotation still going on. please help me pop_rotate.hip
  9. RBD stick/stop at collision

    Dude you are a wizard, this setup is awesome, and way to easy to play with. Now i need to study whats going on in the stick sop solver.
  10. RBD stick/stop at collision

    Hey @Librarian Thank you so much for the insights. Your setup its totally cool, build totally off from shelf. But its kinda too fancy for me. I couldnt make an noise force work, i plugged an pop force sop in the last input in the mult solver but its seems this isnt the right way to do that. also since the geometry are istancing after the simulation, we couldnt obtain an angular velocity @w, right?
  11. Hey guys i tought that the pop collision detect sop would work in both pop solder and rigid bodies solver. i want that the rbd pieces sticky/stop when collide in a geomtry. however i have no ideia how to build that in rigid bodies. please help me stop_at_collision.hip
  12. Hey guys, i using the Labs file cache wedging system. Inside dop ive used the wedge attribute @pw in the points replicate sop in to increase the particle count at each wedge. But it just cache the first value. Those wedges value arent suppoed to use in dop? Its wierd coz i made it work translating a box at 2 units per wedge at geometry context. wedge_v00.hip
  13. Fire on the ceiling

    Looking for same effect dude. Any luck yet?
  14. Billowy ceiling fire

    Hey, thanks for advance dude. i ran at you file and noticed a few things. one that's simplified node run pretty fast =) and has several controlers. i add a gas wind to pull the flames toward an direction (i not sure if this gonna mess the smooth/rounded shapes). one huge tweak that i did was plug an Pyro post-process Sop after the solver, it has an checkbox called Flame density, it looks like that it gives more rounded shapes at the flame field. one thing that would add at this effect is more "cells" falmes next to each other, thats is seem here: https://uploads.actionvfx.com/video/ad93c1f6-84e1-4ff1-ab7d-61c462a63d1d/webm/Side_Ceiling_Fire_8_1466_2K.webm an issue continue is those big chunks, maybe this can be rid after simulation? ap_rolling_floor_ceiling_fire_V01.hipnc fb01_[24-120].mp4
  15. Billowy ceiling fire

    Hey guys, i messing a few days to achieve an fire spreading through a ceilling. like this reference: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections/ceiling-fire-stock-footage At first i thought that it would be easy, after a few days trying to reach the look, all my attemps were dull. i have no clue how to achieve this smooth/billowy flames behavior. i made an density source like cells. and an velocity field as vel field to "pull" the heat and try to give this blooby chambers. it just gives an messy/noisy result. Does anyone have an clue how approch this effect?? ceiling_flames_v00.hip