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  1. Hey guys, i using the RBD material fracture glass to fracture an panel. i using the subdivided geometry in the first input and in the proxy input i using the original geometry. but when i check the proxy version it just returns the subdivided one. i not sure if i doing something wrong, please help me. i will post my simplified file. rbd_glass_fracture.hip
  2. Flip narrowband and colliders

    Hey Pranav, i did you call and somehow the problem persists, it seems a bug. i did an turnaround that worked for me. in the dop level, i create an delete rule of everything above the ocean surface, then after i few frames i excluded this rule. it works great this time. thanks for the tip
  3. Hi I building an flip simulation that has a shore. i using ocean source sop, in the the second input it has the ("colission geometry") that ive plugged in order to kill the points inside collision geometry. In dop i created the static object to use as collider against the flip particles. I using narrow band to fill an layer of the surface. Here's the problem, when the simulation start the particles goes up to the collision geometry and its leaking non-stop messing the whole simulation. Ive messed with all the parameters but the problem still occuring, ive a felling that it has something with the narrowband, it must have a way to fix that please help me. simple hip file: narrow_band_flip.hip
  4. Vellum Worm Getting Different Result Than Tutorial

    yeah some issue here, honestly i didnt get what is done in tut. does anyone made it work?
  5. Flip broad splash

    Hey man, your file is working outstding. those small tweaks has add a lot to the effect. also the usege of narrowband, it saved a huge amount of time, file and ram. Thanks to share this valuable knowledge with the community. i owe you a beer
  6. Flip broad splash

    Cool, i will take a look at file. ill return afterward
  7. Flip broad splash

    Hello guys, i have an object falling into water, by default the collision seems dull and weak. i trying to pull water around the object by using an pop then converting into vell field then bring it dynamically to flip again. i not sure if i'm approaching the situation efficiently, does anyone have an good solution? i will post my dynamic rnd, its seems dull yet. broad_splash.hip
  8. Collider Creation Frame issue

    Hello guys. im doing an splash simulation using an object falling into the water... I using feedback scale in the flip solver to make the object float. it works nice while the rbd object starts togheter with the flip solver. however it need an pre-roll frame becouse its a sea. if i just set the Creation Frame of the rbd object to lets say at frame 10 or anything diferente from 1, it simple do not collide in the flipsurface(looks like an solid ground) i've tried many things the get rid of that. i lost . please help. (ps: i will provide an simple .hip file) splash_creationframe_v00.hipnc
  9. Hello guys, i trying to build an foam layer with a bunch bubbles scatter inside the volume. however the topology of this geometry is changing so the point deform does not work. is there any way to build this points and they sticky in same position while the foam layer its moving? please help me. bubbles_inside_foam.hiplc
  10. Flip with low viscosity

    somehow changing the velocity to APIC did the job, but i was using viscosity from attribute
  11. Flip with low viscosity

    i think still splasy with an APIC Method. Its frustating that an viscosity value of 0.0001 still holding way to much the liquid
  12. Beer Simulation

    awesome result dude, can i have the hip file?
  13. Flip with low viscosity

    good call, i will give it a shot
  14. Flip with low viscosity

    Hello guys, i building an splash simulation. I made an first attempt without viscosity, it was looking cool but the director found that too "splashy", like an water behavior.the ideia is creamy beer splash so i think an slightly viscosity in the fluid would deal with that problem. I controlling the value @viscosity using a pop wrangle, at value 0.0 the viscosity its turned off ok, but with a super low value such 0.001 this still looks thick, it loose velocity quikly when touch de ground, even thought the ground collision is set to 0 please help me low_viscosity_v00.hip
  15. Flip volume gain

    hello guys, i cannot find an way set an volume gain, in a beer filling a cup simulation. currently there is an source emmtiting points from above and the fluid just stay at the bottom, I've already messed with divergence attribute but itsn't work anyhow. please help me ps: file attached beer_pour_v01.hip