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  1. PYRO: attract flame by geometr

    hello guys. i've a simple pyro flame simulation and i need the geometry attract the flame. but i not getting how to do that. please help me, thanks in advance. ps: i attaching an .hip file attract_smoke_by_geo.hip
  2. Hello guys i need to spin the points in wheel behavior. i created and xyz dist to determinate the area that it should occur but no clue how effectively make them circle. i was messing with pop spin but definetly didn't get an acceptable result. please help. ps: im attaching the simples setup. pop_radialspin_v00.hip
  3. beginner question: vellum ropes

    unlink this tube from merge, and feedit into 3 input solver
  4. VELLUM: Pulsating Inflation Help

    wow interesting approach it semms worked pretty well, one step further is those "cluster' , not inflate the whole geometry but some circular spots on the geo. i thinking about creating some b/w spots using point vop, but how vellum would read that?(damn those things are pretty difficult to me)
  5. VELLUM: Pulsating Inflation Help

    Hello recently i saw amazing yet simple video. it is a geometry deforming by an vellum solver. and for study purpose i trying to recreate this effect https://vimeo.com/403485988 i made an first attempt using an sop to inflate the ConstraintGeometry but still far from the reference vimeo, i dont know if im getting into the right way. the guy in the video said that: "it's a simple vellum setup using the normals to push the surface out :)" but still no clue about that, i kinda lost. thanks in advance. ps: i'm attaching the hip that i create but not sure if it rightway. vellum_inflation_geometry.hip
  6. Hello guys, i need to color an basic pyro sim from bottom to top using an ramp(could be a grayscale). still no clue how to do that, please help me guys. ps: i've attached an simple setup color_from_bound.hip
  7. Hello guys, i need to color an basic pyro sim from bottom to top using an ramp. i created a bound then filled with density, with iso-offset or something. then apply color grade (like an ramp) from bottom to top. after that transfering to the pyro itself. still not sure how to do that i lost, please help me guys. ps: i've attached an simple setup color_from_bound.hip
  8. Clean Topology tool zremesher

    Hello guys, I'm about to start a project thats will have a few assets incoming with rugged topology. in order to get an good flow with the given geometry, i could use an zremesh in zbrush, then export etc etc also this workflow definetly would demand an costly time,and probably endless loop in those process. I'm trying to come up with approach using Houdini and his powerful procedural workflow. Until now i found an very few approach to this(and not sure if its is outdated) i came with those guys who develop in interesting tool for this case. https://exoside.com/quadremesher/ . Althought it look like an promising tool, we cannot afford it. any sugestion or tips to get an zremesh tool inside Houdini.
  9. Hello guys, i trying to give a more bendy behavior next to the tip of the line. i using an curveu attribute from resample node. it gives an nice gradient number between 0 and 1. i figure that it is definite by the parameter Bend Stiffness. And i used the curveu to multiplication the value. But i do know why it looks like the solver is reading the same value for whole line( and some points of this so called curveu attribute has value of 0, it should give a 0 of Bendstiffness also but behave like hard wires) thanks in advance =) sorry for my bad english ps: i've attached an simple setup for exemple vellum_hair_bend.hip
  10. wow thats awsome, such clever approach. Never used length function, i will definitely look deep into it. thanks bro.
  11. Hello guys, i with an scene that has a bunch of geometry falling and colliding into irregular ground. i made an basic pop setup to feed into rbd(bullet) solver, and they just collide in the irregular ground(used compound). in order to break the boredom of the scene, i've used an popwind and give a little of turbulence. however when the geometry collides with the ground it continues to moving(due the turbulence) giving an odd result. in not figure an way to say that when the geometry hit the ground the turbulence should stop and the geometry just stand naturally. thanks in advance. (sorry for my bad english) ps: i've attached an simple setup for exemple rdb_turbulence_v01.hip
  12. (SOLVED)POP: Rotating instanced geometry help

    wow this solution was amazing!! thanks! i hardly would approach this in such clever way. i wondering about this chop inside dop, what is exactly doing??
  13. Hello guys i with a scene that has bunch of swords falling, they do not need to colide or something. i using a Pop solver with simple points falling, then i attached an copy sop to actually plug the incoming geometry. the point is, they are just falling like freezed/boring, no rotation. i've tried wrangle an angular velocity but it seems is just not work with Pop's. how to given them rotating effect with random direction for particle for sure. thanks in advance. ps: i've attached an simples setup. geoinstance_rotationv00.hip
  14. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    wow its cool to see difference approach for the same problem. pretty clear! thanks thomas
  15. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    the drag force of should by multiplied by a random number and i dont know how to do that