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  1. hm, i didnt get the point. i didnt see any point function in switch node =/
  2. Hi guys, after a few tries to find the solution nothing comes handy. I suppose to choose two geometrys to scatter on a plane(using copy to points SOP). one of them animated the other freezed i made two groups based on a color value of the points. then i used an switch node to choose beetwen 0 or 1, zero suposed to be the GROUP A and 1 suppoed to be on GROUP B. how the hell i tell it to the switch node??? switch02.hip
  3. works dude!! thanks, it was just an thansformlol
  4. Hello guys, i strugglng to allign an geometry to an normal points. please urging to helps. thanks! arrow.hip
  5. yeah absolutely!!!! im found these CHOPS recently, actually a few hours ago. it is totally amazing the CHOP network however its totally new to me is there any lesson/tutorial usefull for this context?
  6. cool but this one, i might try this one! however the wind blows constantly i would be nice if there a oscilation
  7. hi guys, i doing an soft windblow in a palm tree, actually im using windforce after the solver however it not turning in a goodway i think. is there any cunning way to do this wind correctly? wirewind.hip
  8. but i create in mat context, and there no node to animate
  9. i made a test,using that, using an turbulent noise. i use an expression with $F and also bazeir both cases didnt animated =(. i really apprecited an exemple
  10. Hello guys, i need to make an effect of an terrain desolate to greenish field. the camera is for aerial view so i suppose to that using materials. i figured one way to do that by using two materials. one is the brown and the other is the grass, and animated an noise field reveailing the green. but how i suppose to do that in houdini?? thanks guys!!
  11. Limit value range

    Hello Guys, actually i have an expression saying to put my attribute @keep > 0.5 in a group However this is getting to the whole thing below 0.5. I need to limitate this value from 0.5 to 0.9. how write that??? thanks for advance