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  1. wow thats awsome, such clever approach. Never used length function, i will definitely look deep into it. thanks bro.
  2. Hello guys, i with an scene that has a bunch of geometry falling and colliding into irregular ground. i made an basic pop setup to feed into rbd(bullet) solver, and they just collide in the irregular ground(used compound). in order to break the boredom of the scene, i've used an popwind and give a little of turbulence. however when the geometry collides with the ground it continues to moving(due the turbulence) giving an odd result. in not figure an way to say that when the geometry hit the ground the turbulence should stop and the geometry just stand naturally. thanks in advance. (sorry for my bad english) ps: i've attached an simple setup for exemple rdb_turbulence_v01.hip
  3. (SOLVED)POP: Rotating instanced geometry help

    wow this solution was amazing!! thanks! i hardly would approach this in such clever way. i wondering about this chop inside dop, what is exactly doing??
  4. Hello guys i with a scene that has bunch of swords falling, they do not need to colide or something. i using a Pop solver with simple points falling, then i attached an copy sop to actually plug the incoming geometry. the point is, they are just falling like freezed/boring, no rotation. i've tried wrangle an angular velocity but it seems is just not work with Pop's. how to given them rotating effect with random direction for particle for sure. thanks in advance. ps: i've attached an simples setup. geoinstance_rotationv00.hip
  5. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    wow its cool to see difference approach for the same problem. pretty clear! thanks thomas
  6. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    the drag force of should by multiplied by a random number and i dont know how to do that
  7. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    yes they arent moving using the expression =//
  8. (Solved)POP: random drag per particle HELP

    hey, the life really do not matter, in the pop vop the particles are getting the random number like planned the thing is in the pop drag, stil dkno to do
  9. hello guys, i've an simple rain setup. i would like to give them a little timming difence while they fall i giving to each pop point an random value (using a pop vop). when feeding into pop drag using and using an simple point vex expression it stand still. any clue about?? thanks in advance. cheers ps: i attach an simple .hip file point_randrag_V00.hip
  10. (Solved)POP: start age for each particle activated HELP

    this is the right damn thing bro! i totally owe you a beer!
  11. (Solved)POP: start age for each particle activated HELP

    the ideia is that each particle that has begin to move has an incresing number like age or so
  12. (Solved)POP: start age for each particle activated HELP

    one thing that still happen is the particles that begin moving start all with same age.
  13. Hello guys, i ve a simple pop simulation running by an attribute active. after they are active they fall and i would like to give them some noise (based on age) by using pop wind however the age still applying globally, and the older one who was last activated begin already with the same age of all. how i suppose the begin age counting for each particle who is activated?? ps: to exemple i attach an simple hip file age_v001.hip
  14. FLIP: Freeze simulation help

    hey pal, this solution works really great! (at last in the simple setup) amazing. gonna build this in the rolling scene. crossing finger that would work cheers
  15. FLIP: Freeze simulation help

    Hello guys, i trying to freeze the liquid sim after a certain frame. Due the position of the camera i would like the points stop pulling/move and just continue to follow the animation (rotation and translate) of the animated object. not a clue how supposed to do that =/. tried to use centroid after dop but no lucky at all. thanks in advance. ps: i've attached an simple scene setup to illustrate. freeze_sim_v00.hip