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  1. Vellum - to much stretching

    wondering how much substpes are you using?
  2. Hi guys, im truggling to achieve an simple wires a t tached to geometry, actully it works in still points. but it should be attached to animated boxes. Thanks wire_moving.hip
  3. Hi Guys, The scene is suppose to a transition bettween clear sky to cloudy wheater. I made an single cloud look using sphere feeding an cloud SOP then i animated the density field inside the sky SOP, after i convert the sky SOP to an polygon VDB. However when i try to use the polygon VDB to feed the cloud SOP, it wont work. (i figured out that was something when convert sky SOP to polygons, but not sure at all) my second attempt was export an sequence vdb, with no luck again. Any light on the tunnel???? anim_cloud_v00.hip
  4. Hi guys, im struggling to achive, this effect: An particle emission each 20 frames, holding for 3 frames, then cutting emission, after 20 frames repeat the first step. I came with an expression, but it only holds 1 frame then cut. So the challenge is hold 3 frames instead 1 (scene attached) thanks. emit_range.hipnc
  5. hm, i didnt get the point. i didnt see any point function in switch node =/
  6. Hi guys, after a few tries to find the solution nothing comes handy. I suppose to choose two geometrys to scatter on a plane(using copy to points SOP). one of them animated the other freezed i made two groups based on a color value of the points. then i used an switch node to choose beetwen 0 or 1, zero suposed to be the GROUP A and 1 suppoed to be on GROUP B. how the hell i tell it to the switch node??? switch02.hip
  7. works dude!! thanks, it was just an thansformlol
  8. Hello guys, i strugglng to allign an geometry to an normal points. please urging to helps. thanks! arrow.hip
  9. yeah absolutely!!!! im found these CHOPS recently, actually a few hours ago. it is totally amazing the CHOP network however its totally new to me is there any lesson/tutorial usefull for this context?
  10. cool but this one, i might try this one! however the wind blows constantly i would be nice if there a oscilation
  11. hi guys, i doing an soft windblow in a palm tree, actually im using windforce after the solver however it not turning in a goodway i think. is there any cunning way to do this wind correctly? wirewind.hip
  12. but i create in mat context, and there no node to animate
  13. i made a test,using that, using an turbulent noise. i use an expression with $F and also bazeir both cases didnt animated =(. i really apprecited an exemple
  14. Hello guys, i need to make an effect of an terrain desolate to greenish field. the camera is for aerial view so i suppose to that using materials. i figured one way to do that by using two materials. one is the brown and the other is the grass, and animated an noise field reveailing the green. but how i suppose to do that in houdini?? thanks guys!!
  15. Limit value range

    Hello Guys, actually i have an expression saying to put my attribute @keep > 0.5 in a group However this is getting to the whole thing below 0.5. I need to limitate this value from 0.5 to 0.9. how write that??? thanks for advance