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  1. How do I turn off the viewport window bottom description?
  2. How can I add a line?

    Thank you very much(Sepu). I followed the suggestion and it was helpful.
  3. How can I add a line?

    How can I add a line? sample_test.hipnc
  4. How to change the order of points?

    Thank you very much, let's try
  5. How to change the order of points?

    How to change the order of points ? sample_test.hipnc
  6. arnold render tree leaf

    I've added a simple file I've solved it Lab tree leafGenerator >> uncheck pack and instance
  7. The same tree, but only the first tree has leaves, the rest of the trees have no leaves. (Arnold Render) Can you see why? No problem in Mantra. ArnoldRender_Tree_test.hiplc
  8. attribute remap does not work

    I am trying to implement one of the 18.5 keynote examples but the attribute Remap doesn't work. Please help me Test_Att.hipnc
  9. voronoifracture

    Thank you Matt
  10. voronoifracture

    -Procedural Rock Formations for ue4 saber Jlassi Houdini Hive at SIGGRAPH 2017-. Part of it. I would like to know how to select and delete some voronoi. (Does it involve visualizing a group of sculptures?)