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  1. Remesh witout change point everyframe

    I attach the photos with the nodes and timeshift
  2. Remesh witout change point everyframe

    Thank you for your answer. You are right, the ground is animated, I try to do this setup but it doesn't work. I place down after deform sop a scatter, this way I can check the points but every frame it's changing the points. I attach the photos with the nodes and timeshift. is it correct? [url=https://subefotos.com/ver/?fc323d1978e82bab24610c45c8b01e37o.jpg][img=http://thumbs.subefotos.com/fc323d1978e82bab24610c45c8b01e37o.jpg][/url] [url=https://subefotos.com/ver/?7879574505ceeb1ef52f631db9f47477o.jpg][img=http://thumbs.subefotos.com/7879574505ceeb1ef52f631db9f47477o.jpg][/url]
  3. Hi guys, I need to do a remesh of a break's ground. The problem that I have, I do remesh but the points change every frame. I need the points in the same place not changing every frame because in this points I instance with quixel all types of flora. Any idea how I do a remesh or something for the ground that the points doesn't change everyframe. The noise of the fracture is very high but this ground is approve. I don't want touch this noise for this. Thank you very much! David.