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  1. For-Each Numbers Node Houdini 17

    Hi Spike Thank you for getting back to me so quick and sorry for the late reply, I seem to still be having problems do I still need the VEX code on the wrangle node if you have seen the tutorial she writes a huge pile of code would this have been useful in helping run things smoother with the old For-Each Subnetwork node? or does the attribute wrangle VEX code still work with this new method of nodes in Houdini 17 ? Kindest Regards Ahmet .B
  2. Hi all So I have a question about the new versions of the For-Each node, particularly the Numbers one, I have been following a tutorial from Anastasia Opera, and during the tutorial she uses a For-Each subnetwork node now I understand what this node is doing collecting the data from the box_id, Anastasia also gave the node a stamp name which will be used a bit later on for a blast node to specifically target some points following the local path hence why the stamp name was given to the For-Each Subnetwork node in order to lead a path towards a node that contains specific points with a number that is less than 3 which I understand is the point number and can also see it infant of me.... but now here is where I get confused in the new version of Houdini 17 the Subnetwork node has been disabled and be re-enabled but instead I would like to understand what on earth is up with the new For-Each Numbers node, it has some weird dodgy layout that just throughs me right off!! I would not mind trying to re-create the tutorial using this new node but its proving to be a challenge as I have no idea where to place the nodes that help in set things up for procedural modelling which I have tried to place things in myself but ended up with nothing but more errors. if someone could please help that would really awesome and I would really appreciate it. Kindly Ahmet .B