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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to build a setup of a car driving along a path, I'd like the car to accelerate and decelerate according to its location on the path. I'd like to use points along the path as target speed points. So, if point2 as a @target_speed=10, the closer the car gets to point2 the closer it gets to a speed of 10 kmph and so forth. I built a simple scene to share. A box follows a curve, speed is driven by a speed parameter in chops for now. There are points along the track with @target_speed.. but now I'm stuck! Any ideas? Not sure if this is achievable in sops or dops is more suitable? Thanks a lot. Daniele speed_by_proximity_to_target_v001.hiplc
  2. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    more RBD studies bullet solver / pop debris / pyro / advected particles
  3. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    Learned a bunch from this tutorial by Tim van Helsdingen https://vimeo.com/325980467 Also, I had no idea how to approach tension map...until I stumbled on this neat setup by Werner Ziemerink https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/34936/
  4. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    started playing with rbd
  5. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    Hello, Tried to make some snow using Vellum grains. What do you guys think? https://danielezannone.tumblr.com/post/185340123069/houdini-vellum-solver Learned a great deal from Steven Knipping https://vimeo.com/297116432 Cheers!
  6. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    Hey all, here's a shot I've been working on! Speed Tree, Houdini and Redshift. Have a good one
  7. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    Here's another little building I made using a similar set up this was inspired by a restaurant I walked by in London
  8. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    Thanks Kiryha! I edited the first post and added the hip file there
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Daniele, I'm new to Odforce. This is my first post, nice to meet you! I've been a character animator for a few years but recently I started learning Houdini. I'm learning using resources I find online, including some super useful posts from this forum. I would love to use this post to keep track of my progress and share my results with you. My first project is a procedural building, hip is attached. Cheers! Daniele procedural_house_01.hipnc