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  1. Heightfield - Distance Mask

    In your screenshot, it looks exactly like I need it, but when downloading your hip, the results are different. First of all, I get an error. The wrangle nodes contains a: #include <volume.vfl> When I remove this line, the error disappears and it kind of works ... but it just get sharper. Is this a kind of compatibility error? Do I miss something in Houdini? Anyway - thanks for your help so far
  2. Heightfield - Distance Mask

    That's the default blur, but as you can see, the blur enters also the inside of the selection. Think more of texture dilation. The original shape is untouched and the dilation gets added.
  3. Heightfield - Distance Mask

    Hi guys, I wonder, is it possible to generate distance fields out of heightfield masks? I want to create an art directable island and whenever I blur the mask, obviously the the initial shape cannot be maintained. It get's ...washed out. For big islands that's no problem I think, but small islands are tricky, because there is no island left after smoothing So I wonder, is there an easy fix for this using distance fields (like in Substance)?
  4. Hi guys, I am working with the Houdini Engine in Unreal and it's a blast - the automation is really great … but I have massive problems with my masks for the landscape material so I decided to post this in the general section, because my problem is Houdini 'internal' based. I created a material attribute and Unreal get's the information from Houdini where to weight the landscape materials. This works pretty flawless, excpect that's the values are ‘wrong’. When I use these masks it happens almost everytime, thats the mask is not solid and we can see both textures. For example the whole landscape has a solid basecolor and I add a grass mask on top of it (genereated by slump and renamed after). The problem is, that the mask is almost in the middle grey-area and the grass get tinted by the underlaying rock material. The solution whould be, setting the mask to 1 with feathering edges. But how? The question is, how can I change the range of the masks in Houdini to the range I want to (0-1)? Houdinis masks are not fixed, they float here and there and I can't figure out a solution for this. I tried to use a VolumeVOP, sample the mask and run it through a power node with a clamp at the end … but somehow the values in unreal are others (the edges are now sharper), but still somewhere around 0.5 - 0.7. Thanks for your help!