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  1. Houdini Fuse vs Maya Merge Verts

    I see, Clean check Fix Overlaps, uncheck Delete Overlap Pairs.
  2. when you merge verts in Maya, it removes the faces. i.e., a rectangle cube becomes a rectangle plane. How do you do this in Houdini? "Fuse" keeps the prims. Am I missing a setting to remove them? Is there a different SOP that does this? Thx T
  3. Resurrecting this thread, cuz when I adjust the window size, my 3D objects and my background image no longer line up. Sometimes you need to zoom in on a section of the plate while working through the camera. This doesn't seem possible. Am I missing something? Also, Overscan? in maya I always worked some gutter around my render crop. Check the box, make it 1.5 or something. Helpful when your monitor isn't the aspect as the render, which is always. Is this possible? Hard to search the docs when I don't know what that would be called in Houdini. T