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  1. Issues animating breakthreshold in Vellum

    Oh thank you!! That's just what I looked for !
  2. Hi, I am trying to use attribnoise to animate the breakthresholdscale but it doesnt seem to want to update every frame in the vellum solver. It seems to not change from the first frame. Any ideas? Here is a gif showing the issue: https://gyazo.com/1b74ca79c445796b0a6176cd4cb6bd75 Also attatched the file below vellumbreak_attribnoise.hiplc
  3. Particle substep without affecting source?

    Figured, I could just simulate at higher substeps and then delete the points that I don't need but I guess this isn't an ideal solution
  4. Hello, I have a popnet with that emits one particle every 10 frames and I need to increase substeps to get more accurate result...however when I increase substeps it affects pop source and emits more particles. For example if I have 3 substeps, it will emit 3 particles instead of one. I've tried using gasintermittentsolve but when using that it just won't emit anything at all unless frames between solves is set to 1. Is there any other workaround for this? Thanks
  5. A Discord for Collaborations!

    Wow that looks great thanks!! Think Procedural is great The admin on the server said it would be best to create a seperate discord for collaborations so that's why I did that.
  6. Hey guys, I made a discord for anyone who is into filmmaking, vfx or 3D, for example an editor, character artist, concept artist, fx artist, animator etc but who would like to collab with others to make a mockup production. Mainly this is intended for students and others who want to practice but also to get a portfolio piece. Right now we still growing since I created it yesterday but if it sounds interesting to you here's the link to it: https://discord.gg/dMJhvsu
  7. Controlled Multiple Fracture

    When I swapped out the geo with my higher res model my computer couldnt really handle it so I prefractured it and then ran the simulation. After two hours I found out two pieces were bugged and floating but the rest of the simulation worked. With other models it works fine...just the one I need to use has two floating pieces after the simulation. Is this a problem with my model?
  8. Controlled Multiple Fracture

    Thank you very much this is great help!!
  9. Controlled Multiple Fracture

    Hey, I've been trying to figure out how to control a fracture of copied packed objects but I feel very stuck. Each object should have their own inital frame to start fracturing on and they should be able to overlap for example A from F1-30, B from F10-40. The fracture should also be from top to bottom. Would love so much if anyone could help me in the right direction! Thanks! fractureMultiple_controlled.hiplc
  10. Hello guys! I have set up a pyro sim with instancing to have 7 slightly different fires. Now I am trying to figure out how to stop emitting from a selected instance point, for example having pyro_2 and pyro_5 to stop emitting at frame 24. I would really appreciate if anyone knew a good way to do this. Thanks! pyroCluster_controlled.hiplc