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  1. Just handed in my last university piece and I've created a showreel with all of my work for the past year. Feed back would be really nice thank you. Showreel: VJ loops created for my dissertation: https://vimeo.com/338014461
  2. Brick wall tool works when moving the spline in x and z direction but when moved upwards the rotation of some of the bricks is rotated in a strange way. BrickWall.hipnc
  3. Beachball noise pattern in vops

    I fixed it. Did a polar UV unwrap, then converted the uv attribute to a custom primitive attribute called BBS. Then used the primitive vector attribute do it the way jkunz07 suggested.
  4. Beachball noise pattern in vops

    That works really well, but only really works with a sphere primitive or mesh, Is there no way to do it with P?
  5. How do I make this beach ball noise pattern in vops. But black and white ofc. I'm trying to make a jelly fish shader, like attached Danny