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  1. Bahahah, I understand. Ive kinda given up on it and I'm still thinking about how I can solve it, just seems interesting that no one's asked it. Thank you for the huge help I'll give it a go
  2. Hi, I'm struggling with an issue I have at the moment where I have a boat that floats along an ocean surface which follows a curve. The idea is to have a path and an ocean I can evaluate and have a boat bob to the waves (I've done this part) and have a guided ocean simulation follow along with the boat. I've then taken the normal and the up vector and used trigonometry, one unit length circle and vex to create Y rotational data. Then by diving into the ocean source node and applying this to ocean evaluate and boundaries with out interfioring with the ocean spectrum I end up with a rectangular particle source that rotates with the boat allowing me to have a smaller source of particles (instead of a large square centred on the boat) that highlight the back and side of the water next to the boat. My problem from here is the flip fluid solver only takes the centre and size from the ocean source, held inside gas resize fluid dynamic nodes of the flip solver. This gives my fluid simulation an incorrect result. I'd like to be able to apply the rotational values to the flipsolver using position, object position, motion node or anything else that would work. However upon facing this problem I've realised my knowledge in dops is extremely lacking and I'm confronted with green and purple outputs of nodes that don't like working together. I have a feeling this is possible due gas resize nodes ability to rotate for clustering and other pyro Sims, I just have no idea how. Can post my hip when I'm back from work later today, if you have any questions please ask.
  3. I was just using a test curve to make it easier. My thought was that if I could have a rotated container then I could focus on the wake of the boat instead of simming a larger container, being more efficient with my simulation. But I think I'll just drop it lol, it doesn't seem very popular. Thanks anyway
  4. Ah the sink idea is a good idea, I could make the sink container snake with the movement of the boat catching the majority of the wake. I've just got home early so I've attached the hip, thank you so much for the help BoatOnWaves.012.hipnc
  5. Omg a reply. Thank you. When producing a flip fluid sim the rectangle that holds the sim and boundaries runs parallel to the X Y and Z axis. What I'm trying to a achieve is rotating this box in the Y axis effectively having the simulation rotate with my boat and the source of the particles (ocean source) helping me save on simulation. I can send the hip when I get home from work, I hope that's enough to help your understanding. If you need anymore clarification please let me know.
  6. Anyone? Please?
  7. Just handed in my last university piece and I've created a showreel with all of my work for the past year. Feed back would be really nice thank you. Showreel: VJ loops created for my dissertation: https://vimeo.com/338014461
  8. Brick wall tool works when moving the spline in x and z direction but when moved upwards the rotation of some of the bricks is rotated in a strange way. BrickWall.hipnc
  9. Beachball noise pattern in vops

    I fixed it. Did a polar UV unwrap, then converted the uv attribute to a custom primitive attribute called BBS. Then used the primitive vector attribute do it the way jkunz07 suggested.
  10. How do I make this beach ball noise pattern in vops. But black and white ofc. I'm trying to make a jelly fish shader, like attached Danny
  11. Beachball noise pattern in vops

    That works really well, but only really works with a sphere primitive or mesh, Is there no way to do it with P?