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  1. Hello everyone!! I have a wire animation and i want to "copy stamp" on a sphere, but the normals of the animation are wrong, and I can´t solve it in any way.... :S I tryed to rotate my wire on a "Z" axys, but there has been no luck... can anybody help me? I share my .HIP file and the reference that i want to achieve. THANKS IN ADVANCE! knitting_normals.hiplc
  2. Thanks for the help! I will continue researching on this subject and I will be more specific with these effects very soon Cheers!!
  3. For now I have achieved some similar things but I want to learn more. How could we achieve something similar without a lot of experience and without a team of 10 people? Here is the file with some organic lines deforming, I'm sure we can get something interesting! Lines_growth_03.hiplc
  4. Hello everyone!! I have seen these organic creations and I have fallen in love <3 How we can do somenthing like this? We need too much VEX code to achieve it? I'm sure that between all of us we can achieve it! Cheers!!!!