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  1. batch rename nodes at obj level

    Press Alt + W or go to Edit -> Rename Nodes Then you can search for your name pattern and then you can do all kinds of renaming magic!
  2. You can import vertex and point attributes with the user data nodes. Either use the attribute directly as emission or use it as a multiplier.
  3. Python Panel hou.ui problem

    Hello, i am new to this and i don't understand why hou.ui functions stop working when you reopen a panel. Example video. The example code that i used: from PySide2 import QtWidgets class testUi(QtWidgets.QWidget): def __init__(self): QtWidgets.QWidget.__init__(self) button1 = QtWidgets.QPushButton() layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() layout.addWidget(button1) self.setLayout(layout) button1.clicked.connect(openSel) def openSel(): list1 = ["1","2","3"] sel1 = hou.ui.selectFromList(list1, exclusive=True) print sel1 def createInterface(): return testUi()
  4. 17.5 Launch Event Presentation

    They mentioned available in Houdini Core and FX, i hope that doesn't mean this will not be available for Indie
  5. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hello Alexey, will the price ($100) stay the same once DM 2.0 is out?