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  1. Simple problem, cannot find the solution. I need to set an attribute based on the current frame, something like this: if(@Cd.r >= 0.9){ f@t = @Frame; } ...and I need @t to hold that value, and not change along with the current frames. Why I need this: I'm trying to control the offset of animated redshift instances by starting the animation once @Cd.r passes a certain threshold. Once the animation starts, the counter for that specific instanced object needs to start at 0, and increase along with the time slider, like so: @f = @Frame - @t; string frameNumber = sprintf("%g%", @f); s@instancefile = concat("$HIP/filepath.", framenumber, ".rs"); Any idea on how to do this?
  2. Creating a primitive out of a stream of particles

    @markingleukc YES!! That's exactly what I was looking for! You sir, are a treasure! Cheers, -max
  3. I'm attempting to create a polygon ribbons out of multiple streams of particles emitting from points moving around on a surface. I've been having a lot of trouble sectioning the streams into separate groups, so that I can use the add node to add polygons down the chain of particles. I'm not even sure if this is the best way to go about it. I'm using a popnet to create the points moving around the surface of a sphere, which I'm then plugging into another Popnet to emit the streams of particles. In the 'pop_trailsCreation' popnet, I have my emission type set to points. Does someone have a clue how I can create a polygon ribbon / tube moving down each separate stream of Particles? I've been trying to separate each stream based on the @id of each source_point, but I've had no luck in achieving that. Many thanks!!