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  1. Slider Constraint rotates only one axis?

    Still wondering..
  2. Hello, the problem is, in the example file named "GravitySlideExample", this box only rotates along the x axis (red) given angle. BUT, I want it to rotate along y axis (green) without changing slider way. This is so important for making really easy and stable car dynamic rig. Is it impossible? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini16.5/examples/nodes/dop/rbdsliderconstraint/GravitySlideExample.html
  3. Slider Constraint rotates only one axis?

    Anyone has any idea, is it impossible?
  4. Rbd Configure collision wont work when there is Glue??

    Hello again, anyone has idea for that? I am making car dynamic setup, so I need to solve this for it. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, setup is simple. I have 2 spheres and 1 ground. I set rbd configure to not collide spheres with ground. It works. BUT when I glue ground and sphere, rbd configure does not work! It must be bug or something, does not make sense? Question 2 is: How can I NOT collide between (big sphere - ground) AND (small sphere - big sphere - ground) ? collision and glue issue.hip
  6. Hello, question is simple but I couldnt figure out how to solve this. I am trying to make car suspansion mesh. The meshes that are bottom are connected to the wheel. Above meshes are gonna be suspension mesh. I connected them with "connect adjacent pieces" In my dopnet, I have "constraint network" with "slider constraint relationship" But unfortunately, slide axis is depend on world axis, not constraint axis. It makes me sad HOW HOUDINI does not have option that I can use constraint axis... Because of that, when I rotate car, that 4 constraints move too, but in Dop net, slide way isnt change. See the image bellow: SO, this issue is not just for slide constraint, same with cone twist axis too. There are two way to fix this; 1. option is, I am not gonna change position&rotation of my object in sub network (which is car). BUT How can I change it in DOP network? There is no "translate node" in Dop. (There is "position" node but it doesnt work like "translate" node) 2. Option is, "slider constrait relationship" node must have my constraint axis data. How can I do that? I have thousands of problems, this is just one of them.. THANKS !!
  7. How can you use soft constraint for single axis, for example for axis of constraint? I have big problem to make car dynamic rig.. My houdini is not stable.. I can connect wheel to the body without doors, windows. It works, but when add doors, simulation explodes. (believe me, even all constraints are all fine) Or when I translate car above a little bit, everything freaks out. This program is not stable at all. Or mine has problems. another example I am having, When I set constraint iterations 200, it works well, but when I make it 201 or 199, simulation becomes trash. Same with substeps. It doesnt do what it supposed to do. I just want to make a car, so I can use it for front crash, or throw it from cliff, or something else. But it is impossible.
  8. I tried to create vector attribute of constraint, and I sent it to the "goal hingle axis" of "slider constraint node. but it didnt read it. same way with this video. But didnt work. So, I have no choice other than translating the enviroment, not translating my car..
  9. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    I have the same problem. Can anyone help me ? my hip file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JfxsLBNlSW0b7rktH_mPswa2CdBZs807/view?fbclid=IwAR3OlgrmmcqhHwPKeLkCxm18CsNuqODAjWV2MjxjzCCaErFRMgtXJMStg1s
  10. Venom!

    I already watched it. But he doesnt teach that effect: Okey second scene is more easy to make. I learned the transform to object from another object. I can use it. But firs image, I wanna learn how to make.. I send few e mail to Allan Mckey, but he didnt answer any of them. So ı got stuck. Any idea?
  11. Venom!

    I just created account to ask you how you made this?? I HIGHLY want to do venom effect, I ve been tryıng to do this since venom movie released. This is video that ı made with 3ds max. But that is not enough of course. So ı am learning houdini. Can you tell me how did you get this picture?