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  1. Turbulent noise bug?

    Hey friends, noticed a strange thing with Houdini. Using turbulent noise in AttributeVOP to displace my mesh. If I promote Roughness parameter it messes up the look. However it also seems to be that maybe it's just a bug with whole values? When I try to make roughness 0.99999 instead of 1 it's giving a similar result to promoted parameter. Is this just a bug? What's happening here exactly? I like the look I am getting at the full values like 1&2 etc. I can hook them up to a custom menu value by copying and pasting relative references. But unsure if the effect I'm achieving is just happening due to a bug, which would be a bit scary using in production in case the bug is fixed in the next version haha. 2021-05-11_11-18-35.mov turbNoiseBug_v01.hiplc
  2. Masking VDB solver growth by Cd

    Martin, you are a legend. Thank you for your time and the super detailed explanations. This was incredibly helpful and very interesting to learn about good practices. If you're ever in London or if I'm ever in Oslo once the world is back to normal - I definitely owe you some beverages
  3. Masking VDB solver growth by Cd

    Hi Martin, Thank you for such a detailed breakdown and the scene file. That's super helpful! I will have another read in the morning to make sure I understand it all properly. So I basically need to break it into two vdbs and have growth happening on the masked part and then merge it with VDB of the unmasked part? I think that would work, thank you Was just wondering if there would be a simpler way of keeping it all in one VDB, and somehow bringing in the Cd info or a texture map info into the VolumeVOP inside solver, but if that's not doable, I think this method would work great too. Thanks again!
  4. Masking VDB solver growth by Cd

    Hello friends. Perpetual Houdini n00b here. Have a question that I hope experienced users could help me with. In essenece - I'm trying to mask my solver growth areas by painting b/w mask on my geo. I am creating a solver growth for my geo. Converting a mesh into a VDB, sticking it into a Solver. Inside solver I calculate the gradient and curvature of the VDB, plug them into VolumeVOP, where I multiply them together and bind the output to gradient and pipe out to VDBAdvect. So all great, simple growth happening all over my mesh. I can mask it by plugging an extra noise into my multiply node. What I'd like to do though is to be able to mask it by painting custom b/w maps onto my geo prior to it going into solver. I can use attributePaint to the mask with on my Cd. But I have no idea how to access this Cd info inside my solver. I can add it as Surface Attribute to my VDB, but that messes everything up for some reason. I've attached the file, might be easiest to just see it in there instead of reading my explanation: Thanks for any suggestions the mighty ones! maskGrowth_v01.hiplc