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  1. Hi , Dive inside the network and use a polywire. Like on these Guides , Got to be somewhere ? Mangi Found it, inside "create_fur" Cheers
  2. Newbie Houdini, some questions.

    HI, about your second question: I would export the Maya object into HOUDINI, (There Static, Right ?) Then just use Houdini Engine: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2754&Itemid=66 Look out for the scale: M
  3. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z10PED16_WS/ ( Asus Z9PE-WS Dual Xeons E5-2687 Insanity 16 Cores 32 Threads Review ) Mangi
  4. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_download&Itemid=208
  5. Hi, just installed the HTOA ARNOLD version for HOUDINI15 M
  6. Shane We are now on HtoA 1.1.2 the version I have is on 13.0.582maybe you try and upgrade
  7. Hi Shane First where is this "As you can see in the attachment my geometry has point velocity" also what build are you using ? Arnold properties ? like in the snap shot Mangi
  8. Fracture OBJ Problem

    Max, well I was waiting for your upload of the stair model. I made one myself just for the test. I guess with some tweaks you can get a collision working okay in your example & the bulletrbdsolver This would be the result: cheers and good luck with your training with Houdini mangi
  9. Fracture OBJ Problem

    Max look into these examples FractureExamples In the Houdini help Examples: Because there is a 1000 ways to skin a cat. Cheers mangi fracTest(examples).hipnc
  10. Fracture OBJ Problem

    Hi Max. First comment on your file The stair models is pointing to your hard drive: C:/Users/Max/Desktop/spareShit/stairs.obj can you send it please.
  11. Fracture OBJ Problem

    First you can turn on "check box" Show Collision Guide Geometry are you using Bullet Data try switching to RBD solver for the Collision , this way the Collision geometry will match the shape of the Object Here In the Snaps. Put up the scene to help you fix it cheers Mangi
  12. It is here: PC2MDD http://www.kstorm.org/spip.php?article20 added to comment crap "2009-08" kind of old .... cheers and once again good look
  13. Not to sure if this maybe of any help for your idea. I just made a quick looked on google , just kind of curious , because I did this test several years ago , with another 3d app (xsi) http://paqwak.com/PC22MDD/index.html Added on: I looked into the page, and it seems that the file is not available: I guess you can look for something like this. pc2mdd.rar cheers and good look mangi
  14. Okay sorry to here that.