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  1. Hi, You have to build and Arnold Shader. Here is how. Mangic HTOA17 Arnold shader.mp4 HTOA: https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFHUG/Shaders Also just incase you need to assign the Arnold Render aswell. OK Cheers And Goodnight. Mangic
  2. You have to put the Arnold Shaders on your Object first: I think this is what you are seeing Just my intuition_
  3. With no Arnold Lights This will come up in the render with no Arnold Lights and No Arnold Shader. It will pick up mantra default light: Are you seeing something like this ???? Mangic
  4. Hi, here is how mine got setup if it may help in some way I did change the path the second time again, the first time did not show up for me either. C:\Users\ISUther\Documents\Arnold_renderer To new installed to: C:/HTOA17 # # Houdini Environment Settings # # The contents of this file are read into the environment # at startup. They will override any existing entries in # the environment. # # The syntax is one entry per line as follows: # VAR = VALUE # # Values may be quoted # VAR = "VALUE" # # Values may be empty # VAR = # # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 # htoa config start PATH = "$PATH;C:/HTOA17/htoa-3.2.0_r9e1313b_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/HTOA17/htoa-3.2.0_r9e1313b_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&" # htoa config end
  5. What version of HOUDINI 17 do you use? Houdini 17.0.352 this is the version , do you have this ONE ??? FX
  6. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    Kool Nicola. I am using Houdini 17, thats the way I am doing it... But it is good that you figured it alL out..... Mangi
  7. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    Hi Nicola, well everthing is correct with the versions ??? https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFHUG/HtoA+3.2.0 Mike
  8. arnold shaders not showing on tab menu

    Hi. if you delete the houdini.pref in the: C:\Users\"your user name"\Documents\houdini"version".0 it may biuld the tool bar for you ?? This file: C:\Users\JUMANGIC\Documents\houdini17.0 = houdini.pref I do make a copy , anyway it is just a sugestion: M
  9. pyro explosion using grain

    Hi. https://www.digital-alchemist.com/es/producto/houdini-16-5-grano-advección-explosión-medio-verison-004/
  10. "some area of the surface like the water droplets are a lot darker" Those areas are the light shadows ? Maybe you can tweak that so it is not to hard and dark. mangi
  11. Hi. maybe you could put up your test hip so we can maybe do some tweaking. if you don´t mind much.
  12. Can't select points in DOPnet

    Hi Mark, Sure... In The Network View. I if you Hit the TAB Key Tab Menu will Pop Up. You just net to place the Nodes you want to use and then Hook them UP. The Earlier version of Houdini Did not have and shelf Tools. You had to do it like That. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/intro.html Read this stuff . it will help you understand the concepts....
  13. Can't select points in DOPnet

    Hi Mark, Sure.... You just have to hit the TAB key in the network view and the TAB menu pops up and you press the node that you want to use and then hook them up. The self does this for you. In the early version of HOUDINI there where no shelf so you had to learn it this way. So what happens now. you don´t know what to do next. So you are in some Twilight Zone. Mangic
  14. Can't select points in DOPnet

    Hi. Here is the sceen grab record. You have to first select the FEM object hit enter, then the points selection comes up I just made a test to see it ok, Cheers Mangic select point fem.mp4
  15. Hi, Here is a little tweak of your scene, just pumped up the density of the impact object, seemed a little light and gave it Zero Bounce. Not sure if this is what you need.... M WHYWONTTHISWORK_UPDATE_NEW_ISSUE.hipnc impact.mov