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  1. Hello!

    Is there a way to Animate Division Size parameter of a Smoke Object in Houdini Pyro? I tried keyframe it without success. Let's say I want 0.03 at the beginning of the shot and then slowly reduce the division size as the camera flyes away? What is the best approach of achieving this?

    Thank you guys

  2. Hello people! 

    I'm currently trying to render pyro exoplosion with the motion blur in Redshift and I didn't succeed with any of my aproaches. I tried Convert to VDB , and then Merge Volume in Velocity mode with the motion blur ON but nothing works yet. I found few HIP examples but they neather don't work. Is there anybody who ever did this? Too bad there's nothing about it in the Redshift official documentation too. Please help 


  3. thanks a lot for the reply vicvvsh.

    Literally I didn't really cleaned up the hip file thats why there was some misunderstanding. Thats correct - connecting all the pyro sources into standard clustering system now works fine. 

    I opened the HDA so you can see what is inside  - The problem is that I wanted to implement custom clustering orientation and unfortunately it works only with the single pyro source

    Give me some advice please


  4. Hey guys! Please help me out! I faced the problem trying to utilize clustering pyro for my project. When there is a one object that emitts smoke it works fine but when I try to implement few sources in the sim everything tends to be more complicated. I can't figure out how to manage clusters appear at the right time and with the right orientation. Looks like it must be a sourceframe attribute job. But nothing works yet. Alredy 48 hours of a beating agaist the ice like a fish. Please check my hip file.