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  1. Hello, I am using Houdini 18.5 with the pyro sparse solver and simulating plane trails moving from point a to b. When simulating first 100 frames it goes quite fast.. max 1 minute per frame but for the next 100 frames simtime is now almost 15 minutes per frame and I am only talking about 1 trail. Multiple will be added soon. Problem is I actually don't need to simulate the areas where the camera does not see the trail. After 100 frames, over 50% of the trail is not even in the camera frustrum anymore. I was wondering if I can use some kind of dynamic bounds with the camera frustum. I only want it to process the data when seen by the camera. If the trail moves out of the camera frustrum it does not need to be simulated anymore. Not removing it after the simulation but while the simulation is necessairy to improve the speed. Any hints?
  2. Putting wrangle results into parameters?

    Is there any update on this? I'm trying to change parameter value in VEX wrangle.
  3. Dopnet accessing parameter in Gasfieldwrangle

    Anyone has an idea?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to access a microsolver in the Dopnet. I would like to get e.g the disturbance parameter of the disturbance node, which has the parameter name: "dist_scale". With a Gasfieldwrangle node I can access e.g @vel, @density.. basically attributes.. which is working fine if I am changing them. But if I want to access the parameter and try to change it, nothing happens. I tried it with @dist_scale or relative/absolute channel reference. Thanks!