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  1. Houdini temp files and crashes

    If you install SideFX Labs, they add a handy option to the File menu, called 'Open Crashfile'.
  2. Place Highlight

    This currently doesn't exist outside LOPs. Hopefully that changes soon.
  3. Exporting geometry to multiple meshes (FBX or Houdini Engine))

    Since you're in a Geometry network (SOPs), you're dealing with a single object, so it will export as a single object. There's probably a Python automation for this somewhere out there, but you need to basically follow these steps: Use a File SOP, set to Write, inside a For Each Primitive loop to export each face out to a separate file. Import all those files back into Houdini to create a separate Geometry network for each one (untick "Show sequences as one entry" in the import dialog and multi-select all the files as individuals entries). When using the FBX Export dialog, select only those objects as the Source Objects. That will give you a single FBX file with multiple, separate objects in them. Edit: There seems to be a bug currently (in both 18.0.499 and 18.0.532), where specifying multiple objects to export in the FBX export dialog results in a broken export (the file reimports empty). Using Alembic works, however. I've submitted a bug report, if you're having the same issue, please do the same.
  4. Clean Topology tool zremesher

    Quad Remesher offers a 3-month subscription for $16. For the results it generates, that's a steal.
  5. random rotate top face of polygon?

    Here's a non-VEX approach, that doesn't even use any rotations. I'm applying a linear gradient across the top face, and then using a Soft Transform to move the points up based on that mask. You do need Labs for the Gradient SOP. columns01_soft_transform.hiplc
  6. select objects with material

    In the Material Palette, there's a Select button that does just that.
  7. An Orientation Along Curve, with the Yaw set to -90 will also do this + take care of the corner points.
  8. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    This looks like an unmitigated UX disaster.
  9. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    It's far less about the input device you use, and significantly more about your desk ergonomics. Your elbow and wrist should always be supported fully, and always on the same plane. If your elbow is lower or higher than your wrist, you're going to have pain. Also, adjust your seat height so that your wrist doesn't have to angle up or down to use the mouse and keyboard. If you have a mechanical keyboard, make sure you use a wrist rest to raise your wrists, or else you'll be angling your wrists upwards to reach the keys. I always use a deep desk, so I can rest my entire forearm on it rather than rely on the arm rest of the chair for my elbow. I used to have wrist pain ages ago (more than 10 years at least), and once I started religiously followed an ergonomic setup, there has not even been a hint of fatigue, let alone any pain.
  10. Perfectly sharp ridge

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how these guys were able to create this perfectly sharp ridge that animates along a grid: https://www.field.io/project/ibm-think19-adaptation/ I've thought about using NURBS curves. While that would give me a ridge, it would still leave an opening at the ends. I tried using a curve on a grid and defined a falloff based on those points. It gives me the correct ridge shape, but the top is super jagged. Any thoughts?
  11. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    It would really help if you posted your file. At least export the geometry in question and post that. It could be something as simple as include by edge angle, but difficult to say without a scene file.
  12. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    How are you creating that hole? Can you post your file?
  13. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    Create a sphere and PolyExtrude it a little, so it creates a shell. Use this as the Bounding Object for the Group and you should be sorted. bounding_ring.hiplc
  14. Permission issue

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The issue arises after installing the Game Development Toolset. The old path was HOUDINI_PATH = $HOUDINI_PATH;$APPDATA\SideFX\GameDevToolset\17.5\1.163;& I modified it to be: HOUDINI_PATH = $APPDATA\SideFX\GameDevToolset\17.5\1.173;$HOUDINI_PATH; Everything works as expected now.
  15. Permission issue

    I've been having the same issue. Still haven't found a solution. Have you had any luck?