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  1. Use noise to move particles back and forth in one axis

    OK, I've made some progress. I used a POP VOP to drive force instead of position or velocity, and it worked (thanks to Jeff Wagner's comment here). I also used a POP Soft Limit to recover any stray particles shooting off. Scene file attached here. If I'm doing anything grotesquely wrong (or even mildly wrong), please do chime in and let me know how I could improve it. Particles One-Axis Test.hipnc
  2. Hello, Please see the attached video (created in Cinema 4D) for what I am trying to achieve in Houdini. I'm brand new to Houdini and am trying to move particles in one axis, that smoothly swing back-and-forth. I don't mind using VEX to do this. I've been playing with P.z and v.z * rand(@id), and can move each particle in a random direction along Z, but I can't get the back-and-forth swinging motion. Thanks. particles_random_movement_in_one_axis.mp4
  3. Control PolyExtrude Local Attributes with Falloff SOP (H17)

    So simple! For some reason, I completely overlooked that SOP while hunting through the Attributes menu. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi there, I'm quite new to Houdini, coming in from Cinema 4D, and I'm just about coming to terms with how Houdini operates. Please be gentle. I understand that the PolyExtrude local attributes are primitive attributes, and that the new Falloff SOP works on point attributes. My question is thus: how do I use the distance attribute information from the Falloff SOP to drive the local attributes on a PolyExtrude node? I want to be able to control both Distance Scale and Inset Scale with a falloff. Thank you.