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  1. Twist complex objects

    I threw together a quick and dirty solution. Its about as straightforward as I could think of. Two things to keep in mind is that 1) each "slice" thats going to be rotated needs to be transformed about to the world origin and 2) rotations usually need to be in radians, not degrees. Double check your setup cos it looks like those two things could be causing your issues. Anyways have a poke through the file hopefully it helps. If you need some extra clarity in the code have a quick read of this piece... http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#More_on_rotation:_Orient.2C_Quaternions.2C_Matricies.2C_Offsets.2C_stuff twist_object_around_curve.hipnc
  2. Add topology to part of the geometry ?

    Group the faces and run a remesh on that group. To make the grouping easier for topology like this you could use a measure node to get the area of each primitive and then just group each prim over a certain area
  3. Raytrace Quadtree

    Made a little piece combining some of Matt Ebb's raytracing techniques from his 2017 Siggraph talk with a somewhat straightforward quadtree setup.
  4. Vellum Cape - Need help with folds

    Hello Everyone, I'm to create a makeshift cape thing for a character. I'm using the main character from Rime as inspiration. The problem I'm facing is that for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the folds. Essentially what I've tried so far is making the panels about twice the size of what the final cape will be, and then shrinking the seams when I weld everything in order to get the fabric to bunch up together (got the idea from this talk). I've tried a few different methods of doing this, including making various constraints and adjusting rest lengths, but thus far nothing has really worked out. Most (as in 99%) of the time I end up just getting weird pinching (shown bellow) instead of those nice bunched up folds that I'm looking for. Character dressing isn't really my forte so I'm quite stumped on this one. Anybody have any suggestions for how to tackle this one?
  5. Deforming Internal Points Using a Surface Mesh

    @Atom thanks for the tip. I was having some issues with point deform originally but subdividing the mesh seems to have fixed the issue. As a follow up, while it seems to work fine so far for walks and runs and general animations, I've found it seems to struggle for things with lots of local deformation. For example I did a quick softbody vellum sim on the pighead, and then I tried to deform an eroded version of the pig (convert to vdb->erode->convert to polys) and I get some intersecting around areas with a lot deformation. The sim mesh itself doesn't intersect at all, and subdividing the sim mesh doesn't help either. Do you have any ideas on how to get around a problem like this?
  6. Hey Everyone, So I have this basic growth effect going (eventually its going to be some sort of magic reveal). As you can see the growth animation is happening with the character in a reference pose. I'm going to have the character animated (probably just a walk cycle) and I would like to deform the growth mesh to match the movement from the animated mesh (so that essentially the character is being revealed while walking). I'm wondering if anyone has tried this or has an idea for how to do it. So far the best result I've gotten have been with the Cloth Capture and Deform Nodes, but I'm still getting some issues. The main problem is that the capture radius required for a good result changes depending on how far the point is from the surface, so no matter what I set it to there's always a part that doesn't quite work. Does anyone know if there's another way of achieving this? Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated. Later on when I have a bit more time I'll post an example scene of what I've tried already.
  7. Balloons Experiment

    A fun little experiment I made. There's a couple more variations on my gram. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bspt-jhnkJ5/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Animation in material context not working?

    Thanks for the tip guys. Its really frustrating but I guess it'll have to do.
  9. Hey guys I have a rather frustrating problem. I've got a standard principled shader. Into the base color I've plugged a switch node, and into that i have a few different constants and ramps. I want the switch to change over time, so I added the expression "$F%9" into the "Switcher Index" parameter. Problem is instead of selecting the right index, it just stays on index 0. I've tried a bunch of things, including keyframing, using a separate constant node that has the animation applied to it, collapsing everything down into a subnet and imbedding said subnet into the material iteself and promoting parameters. I even tried creating a point attribute and using that to drive the material. Nothing has worked. Just changing the index normally without any animation works fine. But it seems that as soon as anything becomes time dependant then thats when I get issues. Has anyone encountered this and knows how to fix it?
  10. Non-PBR Shadows in Mantra

    Thanks for that Atom! It's given me a few ideas that should help with my scene
  11. Non-PBR Shadows in Mantra

    Hi everyone. I'm in need of some rendering/shading guidance. I'm working on a scene that's mostly PBR. However I want to incorporate one of those long shadows that we often see in flat-design vector art (see the reference attached). For the sake of simplicity and style this shadow will only be cast on a flat ground plane. I have four key aspects that I would like to achieve. Long-Flat shadow that is completely straight and does not expand with distance. The ability to fade out the shadow over distance without blurring the edges (see reference 1, 3 and 4) Full control over the colour of the shadow. Have the shadow affect material properties (such as roughness and diffuse colour) of the ground plane. I've got some ideas of how to achieve all this however all of them are very compositing heavy and require multiple renders of the scene (which I would like to avoid). I would like to try and find a way to achieve as much of the effect inside of Houdini as possible. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for an effect like this? I'm not that good when it comes to shading and rendering so I'm not really sure where to start. Any tips or guidance would be much appreciated
  12. WIP: Replicating Cubes - Instanced Animations and Bullet

    For those interested I made a walk-through/breakdown thing for the scene. Its a little bit rambly (never made one of these before) but hopefully its helpful to some people
  13. WIP: Replicating Cubes - Instanced Animations and Bullet

    Here's the final product. The scene ended up being kinda complicated so instead of notes I think I'll do a quick video walk through of the set up for those who are interested.
  14. Hi Everyone, Wanted to share a little person project I'm working on. Nothing too special but its got some neat ideas in it. The idea is to have a bunch of cubes sitting on the ground that will spontaneously "erupt" into a few more cubes. (Now that I think about it its a similar idea to the multiplying treasure in Harry Potter). I've got a crude but effective setup going. I think its got the basics in place and it seems to be somewhat stable. I didn't like how bland the actual "eruption" was looking so I've been working on a way to add some flair to it. At the moment I've got a simple hand-made animation done using two transform nodes. I then take each of the cubes, transform them into a specific place and orientation, run them through the transform nodes with a delay to get the animation, then transform them back to the original position. The transformation is mostly done through VEX. Transforming the pack prims in the right way turned out to be much more involved than I expected but now that its all actually done its not too difficult. The above animation is not integrated with the bullet sim. Its just a proof of concept to make sure that I can actually instance an animation to the cubes while taking into account their various orientations. The next step is to get the hand-made animation working within the DOPs sim, which I don't actually think will be as bad as I initially thought. Though time shall tell. The scene is a mess at the moment so I'll clean it up and post it along with some more detailed notes at a later date for those that are interested