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  1. Cloth wrapping animation

    So, I have a task to wrap rubber flexible mat around object. It is 1x1 meter electric insulation, and i need animation than shows how to wrap mat step by step using hands. I'm very new in Houdini, and not have experience in vex or other scripting, i'm trying to use only nodes. I came to next decision: I'm using vellum cloth as base, and some spheres in places where i grab cloth to move and drag. This spheres have vellum constraint "attach to geometry" with my cloth. And then i animate sphere moves, and simulate vellum. My problem is next - i don't need move all spheres all time, and in some moments i moving its manually, trying to simulate cloth real falling by gravity. So, how you can expect - it's weird. Does any way to detach and attach constraint attach to geometry not only at start frame, but through all my animaton time?
  2. Hi everyone! This is my problem. I have some points, and groups of this points (for example named A,B,C, D). I am copy sphere to points (groups A and B). Then i want copy boxes to this points, but exclude groups A and B where already placed spheres. I copy Target Points from first Copy to Points node, and paste relative reference to Target Points of second Copy to Points node. For excluding this groups i put ! sign before pasted reference. But it works only for first group (A) and dont works for B (and next other). So, i have overlapping boxes and spheres on points in B group. I can paste all groups manually and place ! before all, but i want do it procedurally.