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  1. Stroke node input geometry force recook

    Here a simplified hip file that show the network I use for acheive this result. break_corner_vdb.hip
  2. 1 Minute VEX

    Thanks man for that, for people like me trying to go deeper and deeper in vex knowledge, it's the perfect kind of tutorial format I'm looking for!
  3. Stroke node input geometry force recook

    Hi, I'm doing a tool using the stroke node for breaking the corner of a geometry. User can isolate part of the geometry by selecting group. The problem appear when the user isolate a part and want to paint on the surface. It look like the stroke node don't refresh the geometry input and still use the inital geometry input as reference model for the stroke projection. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the problem is coming from the stroke node that not re-cooking when the user tick the isolate toggle and select a group. Does some one could give me a hint on how to fix that please, I'm pretty stuck right now.
  4. Vex polysplit behavior

    Hi, As show in my picture, I'd like to split the polygon from one point to another. It may have more than one prim between the two points. Does, someone could give me a hint on how to acheive that? I know approximatly that I need the add point/vertices and reconstruct the polygons with a good winding direction, but I don't have clue on how determine how much edges are between and how to put the news points the good position. Find the solution for that will definively help me to ramp up my knowledge in vex polygon manipulation/modification.
  5. Multi Texturing

    Hi, I try to find the way to mix two diffuse based on point color and input that in the material diffuse. What's the best way. And, does someone know a good tutorial that cover the material and shader in Houdini ? thank you
  6. vex return list of prims numbers inside radius

    Hi Konstantin, thx you for the help, you gave me some clues on how to approach the problem and finally I found a way to resolve it. very helpfull. I used a fonction of the scatter node, which it scatter a fixed points number by prim based on attribute and store the prims number in the points at the same time. I used an average of prim area and perimeter with a fit fonction for defining min\max points number to scatter on each prims. Then after, used the pcfind fonction. This is fast.
  7. vex return list of prims numbers inside radius

    Excellent, very fast to compute with primfind, good find! But, unfortunatly, primfind seam to not behave correctly on small bbox value and with large points count. It missing a lot of prim, it's weird. I will think to an other method for picking a group of prims and filter them based on your logic. Put the hipfile if you want to take a look, I added an other temporary solution I did meanwhile but slow and not 100% effective. Primfind.hip
  8. vex return list of prims numbers inside radius

    Hi, I raytrace millions of points on a geometry with vex, I using the fonction intersect() for that and this return me the prim number of the hit surface, but I looking to find a way to find all primitives inside a radius for each point raytraced. their is way to find points inside radius with pcfind() and xyzdist() but I want to limit my search to prim for many reasons. Someone had solved this problem or have an idea ?