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  1. I need to make a stream of water that washes away vellum cloth. I tried to merge together vellumsolver and flipsolver but it didn't work, water just moves through the cloth. Can someone help me with this?
  2. I made a simple hard constraint setup. No mater how I tweak its parameters, it always jitters even if there is no other force that affects the constraint. https://streamable.com/hyq55 The other issue with this is, if there is a wall made of glue constraints that stays close to a wall made of hard constraints, the first one gets destroyed due to these micro movements of the hard constraints. https://streamable.com/qnpki This is not good at all. Is there a way to stop this nonsense jittering? How hard constraints are used in production pipeline then if they always jitter?
  3. I guess this topic is referred to those who were following Steven Knipping's Rigids tutorials. I am trying to make distraction of a wall based on Steven's method where the wall is divided into clusters with one set of constraints that hold together as one piece and, another set of constraints (between the clusters) that represent the weakest constraints. The idea behind this method is that when constraints break, the breakage propagates along the weakest constraints holding the clusters, with strong constraints, intact. In my case this method is not working for some reason even if constraint strength=0. The propagation does not happen as in Steven's tutorial. Here is my test file: https://ufile.io/8et37 This is Steven's result: https://streamable.com/gxefk This is my result: https://streamable.com/9xhb7 What am I doing wrong?
  4. How to achieve correct expansion of gas after a shot

    My new attempt https://streamable.com/20kst
  5. How to achieve correct expansion of gas after a shot

    I did that. I used semi sphere, torus, cylinder with velocity oriented strictly along positive X axis. Each time flames and gases expand in all directions including negative X. Exception is when Timescale and Gas released have low values and velocity has big value. In this case I get just a long stream of flames without adequate divergence.
  6. I am trying to make a tank canon shot. The shot has to be fast with fast expansion of the gases. I set up velocity along positive X to have directional shot. In the Pyro Solver, I set Timescale = 10, Gas released about 150 in the first 5 frames with fast decreasing up to 15 by the frame 10. Then I tweaked some additional values and kind of achieved the dynamic that I wanted but I don't like one thing. At the beginning of the first 7 frames gases start to expand in all directions and then move along X axis. Some reference images. As you can see, the flame and the gas smoke is always in front of the canon. You can see my result here https://streamable.com/k38dq Looking at the real reference images and videos of tank's shots, you may notice that the entire amount of gases always move forward and never (partially) backwards. So I am trying to achieve the same result: to have a cone or torus like expansion of gases in the beginning with fast advance forward of the gas. How to get rid of this bubble like expansion and to achieve the correct behavior of the gas? I've been trying to obtain the correct result for about 2 months and still got no luck.