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  1. Procedural Plagiarism

    Hi Georg, nice effect! Great stuff to make dazzle paintings. Also reminds me of Lyonel Feininger's paintings, can make my own now. To nitpick a bit, i made two improvements to your setup. One was to scale the image. The resolution tends to be rather big. Scaling an image by a factor of 0.1 resizes it a bit to the Nachtwacht/Guernica proportions. Secondly, the facet_unique_points seems unnecessary. The colour from the points is promoted the same if you have unique points as with fused points. Cheers, Hans
  2. Nvidia keynote

    I found it rather hilarous, "We know some architects adjusted their scene in a taxi on their way to a client." Typical. Technology driven by the clueless. Ah, and they didn't show the advanced button of the render engine. I bet there were a gazillion more parameters than on the raytracer. Interesting tech though. Wonder what mantra would do on tesla...
  3. Tyvm sir, that does indeed save me some time Cheers, Hans
  4. Status? What status???

  5. Thanks for the explanation Vormav. The VEXdso file was quite a hassle. I had to delete the VEXdso in $HH to get it working. Anyway, my vex operators do show up now with dsoinfo -V. Cheers, Hans
  6. Hi guys, I am stuck with my vex signature. It is a displacement shader and I want to return the new point coordinates. First obvious change would be to have my function a return type of GEO_Point but then the VEX_Vexop starts to complain heavily in gcc. That does make a bit of sense since in the vex environment there is no GEO_Point type. Closest thing there is a Vector4 but UT_Vector4 or the VEX_TYPE_VECTOR4 don't work either. So what's the trick here? static void hh_gnoise(int argc, void *argv[], void *data) { //...lot of code above... UT_Vector4 pos((pt->getPos().x() +f),(pt->getPos().y()+f),(pt->getPos().z()+f)); GEO_Point *pout; pout->setPos(pos,1); //return pos; } void newVEXOp(void *) { new VEX_VexOp("gnoise@*PPVFIFFFFFFFFFFF",hh_gnoise, VEX_DISPLACE_CONTEXT,NULL,NULL,VEX_OPTIMIZE_2,true); } And a 2nd question. After compiling the code, i just can copy the .so file to somewhere on my $HOUDINI_DSO_PATH and it gets picked up in Vex? Or do you also need to "register" it somewhere else? (which i thought you should; i thought i came across some post where you had to edit some file to make it all work but can't find it anymore). Thanks, Hans
  7. Centroid - SOP

    Hi Infernal, very nice and useful SOP! Compiled almost like a charm on linux (except for having to make the sop/node/help directory in houdini10.0)It does compile against houdini 11, though with some warnings: /opt/hfs11.0.462/toolkit/include/VM/VM_SSEFunc.h: In function ‘__vector(2) long long int vm_splats(uint32, uint32, uint32, uint32)’: /opt/hfs11.0.462/toolkit/include/VM/VM_SSEFunc.h:238:12: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules Since it is some sse warning it might be my old hardware (only sse and sse2 instructions in the cpu here) One question: when I have a planer primitive shouldn't the centroid be on the surface of that primitive? See attached hip-file. Cheers, Hans centroid.hip
  8. It's unlikely even if houdini used real world physics since houdini isn't certified for this kind of stuff...Anyway, you could use vex/python etc to do calculations on geometry if you want
  9. Houdini workflow suggestion

    That's quite a long post. Could you give a synopsis, I am too busy learning maya to read it all. One word about modeling in houdni though: yeah it sucks in speed compared to some other applications if you want to build characters i guess (though others here will tell me that i am dead wrong about it). Never tried myself. But i do know that when you do some architectural or design stuff with it, it can be better than many cad packages with data driven design or other fancy features. There are enough examples here on the forum, check the F18 hornet from Stu or the Iplayer of FrankFirsching.
  10. Maya 2009

    Isn't autodesk the company that made Autocad 12 and after that (somewhere in 1990) stopped developing anything at all and just started to buy other companies (with the idea that if someone makes something better than them, then just buy it and stop developing it)? Nothing interesting from those guys.... What is interesting though is JC insinuates that Tricky is involved in corperation thievery...
  11. iRiver iHP-120

    Nice Frank, when it's textured it's going to be indiscernible from the real thing (well i never actually saw one, or can't remember i saw one, but you know what i mean).
  12. Gasometer

    Well, since i really haven't done anything fancy yet with dynamics in houdini and taking into account it has something to do with gas, i might consider it...Would be interesting to simulate a melting steel construction too
  13. Gasometer

    A little update: on top of the gasometer base structure there will be a new (steel-)structure. In the lens formed roof will hold all kind of installations, the space below will be filled with hanging platforms (upcoming render).