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  1. I am trying to simulate the Rigid Body Collision. The problem is all the hero rigid body keep moving and does not stop the motion at all, I have attached the flipbook sim to demonstrate the problem. Anyone knows what could be the problem here? Thank you. RgdBdy_Test.mov
  2. Hey everyone, When geometry passes the sand, particles are not awakening. I checked enable sleeping in pop solver. But it gives me this error shown in the image.
  3. Pyro FX on animated geo

    Thanks for the reply! Actually I tried that but pyro doesn’t follow the object and sstart simulating at the same place.
  4. Hey guys! How can I create pyro to an animated object?
  5. I don't know what wrong I am doing to export vdb. Do you do the same thing to export vdb or you do it differently? Thanks
  6. Hi Mangi, Thanks again for checking it out. I am uploading my Houdini file in here. I am using Indie version. So, basically what I do is create a sphere>apply pyro explosion to it>Go under pyro import node>add convert vdb node to visualization>the add file node to convert vdb to write files. pyrovdbtest.hiplc
  7. Hey Mangi, Thank you so much for all the research. I have been thing the same thing for rendering. I exported vdb explosion from Houdini and imported in to the Arnold volume and did same thing that you showed. But, it gives me the same result that I showed in earlier post. Then I tried the vdb file from open vdb website and applied the same shader which works just fine as yours. This is vdb file that I exported from houdini Explosion01_057.vdb
  8. I was trying to test render a vdb smoke using Arnold volume in maya. I created vdb file from Houdini. When I render just density for the smoke, it works just fine but when I try to render temperature for the fire this weird thing happens. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  9. Thanks! the trick worked very well.
  10. To import vdb in Arnold maya, I am using aivolume. But, it does not let me import the whole sequence but just one file. Is there any way I can import the whole vdb sequence?
  11. Thank you guys for the answers. I will check it out the workarounds.
  12. How can I export any kind of simulation or most importantly smoke simulation from Houdini to render in Arnold Maya?
  13. Thank you so much Marc, I appreciate your time and help. Now to clarify one more query, new Houdini does not have FEM solver, right?
  14. Hi everyone, I am learning Houdini watching videos. I saw videos on cloth toolset with FEM solver used in Houdini 15 but I am using Houdini 17 and in 17 they just have vellum solver. So, I am confused with how different they are from each other? I hope you understand the question. Thank you.