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  1. Still learning

    Bringing some colour in it
  2. Still learning

    It took some balls to make this one too
  3. Still learning

    Going fractal
  4. Still learning

    Fractal masks
  5. Still learning

    Into the wormhole
  6. Still learning

    L-system, few points and add sop, polywire, a grid with ripple sop and dof - five minutes to make scene and couple of hours render time
  7. Still learning

    And one more
  8. Still learning

    Twisted one
  9. Still learning

  10. Still learning

    Back to 60's
  11. Still learning

    Flow trails and glass -nice combination
  12. Still learning

    This one took some balls to make
  13. Still learning

    Still learning Houdini, and having enormous fun. My only problem is that I can not render fast enough