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  1. Hi everyone, How can I Varying light parameters across instances with renderman for houdini ? (Rman23.1 Houdini17.5) Houdini's doc say to use that fonction point("/obj/instances", instancepoint(), "Cd", 0) but it don't work on renderman light (It take as result the color of the point n°0) Is there any way to do it ?
  2. Thanks zlyu, You make me realise that I just have to click in "Not following section" in my Network View to not enter in my subnet. It was so obvious, I passed my entire afternoon on It ! ahah
  3. Hi My question is in the Title, I want to access to my paint node wich is in a subnetwork. For the moment I have a button with a callback script: hou.pwd().node( "MyPaintNode" ).setSelected( True ) The probleme is by selecting my paint node that button make me enter in my subnetwork. Then I need to got outside of my subnetwork to adjust parameter then I need to adjust my paint node and it bring me again inside my subnetwork etc.. Is there a way to get access to my paint node without enter in my subnetwork ? Thanks
  4. Hi, I use sopsolver to remove soft constraint with the @distance, With one object everything works (img1/img2) But if I merge the two object, geo explodes before impact (img3/img4) It's only appens when I uncheck "Attach Internal Constraints to Object" in my Constraint Network to make my sopsolver active, if I don't everything works fine but obviously my soft constraint don't break..