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  1. Hi, I`m trying to create a SOP node, that basically does the same thing as the copytopoints SOP in Houdini but with a Box deformation added to it. Now I was able to copy the detail from the second Input into the gdp, but I find myself unable to access the newly added geo to actually offset it to the corresponding point in the first input. I want to add that I am a noobie when it comes to HDK (as you can probably see) and any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance. OP_ERROR SOP_copyPTs::cookMySop(OP_Context &context) { OP_AutoLockInputs inputs(this); if (inputs.lock(context) >= UT_ERROR_ABORT) return error(); const GU_Detail *firstGDP = inputGeo(0, context); const GU_Detail *secondGDP = inputGeo(1, context); UT_AutoInterrupt progress("still copying..."); duplicateSource(0, context); GA_RWHandleV3 Phandle(gdp->findAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT, "P")); GA_Offset firstPToff; GEO_CopyMethod copymethod = GEO_COPY_ADD; GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(firstGDP, firstPToff) { if (progress.wasInterrupted()) break; gdp->copy(*secondGDP, copymethod, true, false, GA_DATA_ID_CLONE); UT_Vector3 Pvalue = Phandle.get(firstPToff); } Phandle.bumpDataId(); return error(); } i got it to work! (propably a pretty bad way to do it but it works) (orientation is working as well now but its not in the code down below) I am still very interested how experienced users would have written it. :S GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(firstGDP, gridPoints) { if (progress.wasInterrupted()) break; GU_Detail *newgdp = new GU_Detail(); GA_RWHandleV3 newPhandle(newgdp->findAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT, "P")); newgdp->copy(*secondGDP, copymethod, true, false, GA_DATA_ID_CLONE); GA_Offset spherePoint; UT_Vector3 pointPos = Phandle.get(gridPoints); GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(newgdp, spherePoint) { UT_Vector3 spherePos = newPhandle.get(spherePoint); UT_Vector3 addedPos = spherePos + pointPos; newPhandle.set(spherePoint, addedPos); } gdp->copy(*newgdp, copymethod, true, false, GA_DATA_ID_CLONE); }