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  1. Hi guys, what would be the best approach to recreate something similar to this mist-ground dust effect for the mid-ground? Thanks Isy
  2. Hi guys, I managed to create a nice pop advection but no success so far on having a nice smooth look at the end. On this example, I just added a wispy smoke. Any idea on how I could achieve something similar? Thanks Isy
  3. Isy

    leaf burning

    That's great! Thanks for your help, really useful. I will try
  4. Isy

    leaf burning

    Hello everyone! Any useful advice on how would it be possible to recreate this effect? Thanks Isy
  5. I tried to uninstall it and install it again but it didn't work but now I deleted the entire folder in the Documents and it's working. Thank you so much!!!!
  6. it's for every scene , even if I start a new one
  7. Hi! I can't render in Houdini v16 anymore, the console is giving me this error: QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintDevice It was working last week, I am not sure what happened. I hope someone can help me. Thanks Isy
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