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  1. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    I have a question about materials. You need to setup those before you do a RS proxy render, right?
  2. Hey guys. I have small simulation of a building collapsing. Before rendering, I switch to high instance pieces and when I try to render current frame with mantra, it's pretty fast and it doesn't use that much RAM. But, when I try to do the same render with Redshift, my RAM usage goes to the max (16GB), and it takes forever to render one singe frame. Why is that? EDIT: found the answer here:
  3. Is there a Hoduini wizard, who could explain, how the process on the picture below is done. Cheers!
  4. I'm not an UV expert, but I made this quick hip file. Take a look, maybe it will help. VDB_rock_autoUVs.hip
  5. If you have a high poly mesh, you do your UVs on a low resolution/poly mesh. You can make a low res. mesh by converting your high res. mesh into VDB, and then convert it back into polygons. I also use GameDev Auto UV, but sadly it doesn't do a good job every time. Check out the videos, maybe it will help. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-game-dev-tools-auto-uvs/?collection=48
  6. At 23:30 in the video, he also talks about grouping points with cluster points node, so he can cut the geo for the UVs. He said, he found the edge for each cluster, by looping over? How did he do that?
  7. Hey guys. I'm trying to make a similar rock formation like in this video. At 11:30, the guy explains how he displaced edges with computing tangent. Can someone show me how this is done? I kinda replicated the process up until this point. Here's my hip file. Cheers! rock3.hip
  8. Camera question

    What about a different lens? Like changing the focal length. Will this work?
  9. Group edges

    I've been searching now about this, and I couldn't find anything. I'm guessing there is a way with writing some code to detect in what direction the edge is facing, bud sadly I'm not there yet. EDIT: I think somehow you must do a for each loop, where it will to check each edge for it's direction.
  10. Hey guys. How can I make objects appear bigger in camera? I mean, I don't want to scale up the objects, thus losing the details. Cheers!
  11. Group edges

    Hold down SHIFT + A and middle mouse click on each edge. Once you have all the edges selected, press TAB (while your mouse is still in the viewport) and add a Group. That's it.
  12. Thanks! I will try do apply this onto the cube, and the try to erode it the way anicg showed.
  13. Thank you. I was looking into heightfield project node, but what if you want to erode a more complex geo, like this cube?
  14. Hey guys. Is there a way to use heightfield erode on a geometry or VDB. Let's say if I have a box, and I would like to apply erosion, how would I do that? Cheers!