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  1. Cleaning up the geo

    Hi, can someone help me with cleaning up the geo. The thing is, after dividing the geo, I get some reverse/clipping on primitives. Also when I try to render to disk with ROP Alembic, I get a yellow warning about collision. Also when I import the .abc file into Octane, the geo has some artifacts. Here's my hip file. Cheers! geo_clean.hip
  2. add some noise to cables/ropes?

    After Copytopoints, add Attribute Wrangle and paste the vex code in. Then click on this icon (see below in the picture) to generate the parameters. The Polywire comes last.
  3. Cleaning up the geo

    Much appreciated! Or I can just convert to VDB and then back to polygons.
  4. Cleaning up the geo

    Oh boy, I have some basic coding skills, but this way out of my league.
  5. Cleaning up the geo

    Doesn't help. I still get this weird artifacts. Here's the pic.
  6. Voronoi Fracture

    Wait. I just notice, when I extrude at the end, it extrudes in both ways; up and down.... Edit: I didn't see you added a blast for the inside. I guess there is no other way to keep the inside, so you can deform later...
  7. Hey guys. I'm doing a voronoi fracture of a extruded hexagon grid. As soon as I increase the Force Total Count on scatter SOP over 2, I get this single hexagon fractures, along with bigger chunks. Is there a way to increase Force Total Count without getting more and more of these single fractures? Here's my hip file. Cheers! EDIT: Should I first covert the geo into VDB, and then fractured it? voronoifracture1.hip
  8. Voronoi Fracture

    Thank you. That did the trick.
  9. Voronoi Fracture

    It doesn't work like that. If you check the scatter node, the points are not denser in the middle.
  10. Voronoi Fracture

    In the voronoi fracture sop, if you click on that icon that will colour the fractured pieces, you will see that in the middle of the geo, there are multiple fractures shaped like hexagon. I don't want to have that.
  11. Extrude by colour

    Thank you!
  12. Hey guys. I'm trying to get extrude by colour to work, but I'm failing hard. What I have is a grid that I painted some spots over with red colour. Now, how can I extrude only red colour, with a falloff? I did find some old videos for Houdini 15, and I tried to recreate, and it doesn't work. Cheers! exturde by color.hip
  13. Extrude by colour

    Is there a way to add an additional noise on top of the extrude by colour without adding another PolyExtrude SOP? I'm trying to do this with Att. VOP, but no luck. Here's my hip file. color_extrude1.hip
  14. Need help with loops and Foreach

    When I open the hip file, there is nothing in the viewport, not even if I make the grid node visible or enable template. I'm on Houdini 17. EDIT: I copied the all the nodes into a new session. It works now.
  15. Greeble plugin for Houdini

    Will this work with Houdini 17?
  16. Extrude by colour

    Thank you. I see now. It's easier with a black base colour. So once I paint over with red, in primitive wrangle I just type f@r = @Cd.r Cheers!
  17. I found this hip file somewhere on vimeo. If it is possible, can someone please replace the for each subnetworks , with for each loops. Also, if it is possible to add an option to be able to paint (a path for example) on the divided grid first, so you can later apply extrusion everywhere except on the painted path. Cheers! divide_grid.hipnc
  18. Resample issue

    I see now. It's just that I'm following this tutorial, where this guy connected lines with add, and resample worked just fine, but before that he had to rotate the grid, which I also did... Anyway, thank you!
  19. Resample issue

    Hi. I'm trying to resample connected lines, that were partitioned. The problem is, that when I set the max. segments, the points don't get distribute evenly. More of them accumulate on the sides. I'm attaching the hip file, so you can see what I'm mean. Cheers! resample_issue1.hip
  20. Dissolve random edges

    I'm attaching my hip file. How can I have a different sort seed per each primitive in this for-each loop. Cheers! procedural subdivide11.hip
  21. Dissolve random edges

    Can you do this, lets say, on a single primitive of a torus (that you split with polysplit), but instead shifting the random edge selection with time, you use for each loop.
  22. Procedural polysplit or divide

    I was thinking like different rectangular size splits (per primitive). Would you be so kind, and modify my hip file and paste it here, please? I'm still learning and the would help me a lot. Cheers!
  23. Hey guys. I'm doing some sort of procedural armor plates. I manually split a single primitive in a few different ways within a for-each loop. At the end I added random extrude. Now, the question is, is it possible to to make a procedural polysplit/divide for one primitive inside a for-each loop, so in the end you would have one loop in another loop. Here's my hip file. Cheers! procedural subdivide8.hip
  24. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Got another one for you houdini wizards. Is there a way to divide the surface into sections like this, or this, or even this. So in the end you would have like a procedural armor plating pattern. Cheers!