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  1. When you bring geometry and points into copy stamp, is there a way to rotate each copy in different direction? Thanks!
  2. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thank you. You truly are a Houdini wizard!
  3. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    I just saw the output options in the sweep SOP for the skin output. It works fine with a circle, but with a grid or 4 division circle, it messes the angles.
  4. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    rectangular rod.hip
  5. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Can you help me with one more thing please. I drew a curve that goes in all directions, with all angles being 90 degrees. I want to make a rectangular rod out of it. I tried using a sweep and copy to points, but no luck so far.
  6. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thank you so much, again. I'm sill learning houdini, and it's a steep learning curve.
  7. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thanks. What about if you have 2 geometries (box, sphere) plugged into switch followed by a transform for the offset. How can you make a copy stamp with a 360/$NCY in Z rotation, so each time you increase the copy number, you would get a box for all odd numbers, and a sphere for all even numbers, thus forming a circle made of box, sphere, box, sphere, box, sphere, etc...