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  1. Hey guys. I have small simulation of a building collapsing. Before rendering, I switch to high instance pieces and when I try to render current frame with mantra, it's pretty fast and it doesn't use that much RAM. But, when I try to do the same render with Redshift, my RAM usage goes to the max (16GB), and it takes forever to render one singe frame. Why is that?


    found the answer here: 


  2. If you have a high poly mesh, you do your UVs on a low resolution/poly mesh. You can make a low res. mesh by converting your high res. mesh into VDB, and then convert it back into polygons. I also use GameDev Auto UV, but sadly it doesn't do a good job every time. 

    Check out the videos, maybe it will help.




  3. I've been searching now about this, and I couldn't find anything. I'm guessing there is a way with writing some code to detect in what direction the edge is facing, bud sadly I'm not there yet.


    I think somehow you must do a for each loop, where it will to check each edge for it's direction.

  4. Hold down SHIFT + A and middle mouse click on each edge. Once you have all the edges selected, press TAB (while your mouse is still in the viewport) and add a Group. That's it.

  5. So I baked out a displacement map in .exr format and also tested it in Mplay, and it looked fine. When I set up everything like in the video, the displacement map does not show up. But when I plug in RSnoise into displacement, the geo gets displaced. Are there any specific settings that I need to change in the bake node when baking for redshift?