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  1. Resample issue

    I see now. It's just that I'm following this tutorial, where this guy connected lines with add, and resample worked just fine, but before that he had to rotate the grid, which I also did... Anyway, thank you!
  2. Resample issue

    Hi. I'm trying to resample connected lines, that were partitioned. The problem is, that when I set the max. segments, the points don't get distribute evenly. More of them accumulate on the sides. I'm attaching the hip file, so you can see what I'm mean. Cheers! resample_issue1.hip
  3. Dissolve random edges

    Thank you!
  4. Dissolve random edges

    I'm attaching my hip file. How can I have a different sort seed per each primitive in this for-each loop. Cheers! procedural subdivide11.hip
  5. Dissolve random edges

    Can you do this, lets say, on a single primitive of a torus (that you split with polysplit), but instead shifting the random edge selection with time, you use for each loop.
  6. Procedural polysplit or divide

    I was thinking like different rectangular size splits (per primitive). Would you be so kind, and modify my hip file and paste it here, please? I'm still learning and the would help me a lot. Cheers!
  7. Hey guys. I'm doing some sort of procedural armor plates. I manually split a single primitive in a few different ways within a for-each loop. At the end I added random extrude. Now, the question is, is it possible to to make a procedural polysplit/divide for one primitive inside a for-each loop, so in the end you would have one loop in another loop. Here's my hip file. Cheers! procedural subdivide8.hip
  8. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Got another one for you houdini wizards. Is there a way to divide the surface into sections like this, or this, or even this. So in the end you would have like a procedural armor plating pattern. Cheers!
  9. When you bring geometry and points into copy stamp, is there a way to rotate each copy in different direction? Thanks!
  10. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thank you. You truly are a Houdini wizard!
  11. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    I just saw the output options in the sweep SOP for the skin output. It works fine with a circle, but with a grid or 4 division circle, it messes the angles.
  12. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    rectangular rod.hip
  13. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Can you help me with one more thing please. I drew a curve that goes in all directions, with all angles being 90 degrees. I want to make a rectangular rod out of it. I tried using a sweep and copy to points, but no luck so far.
  14. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thank you so much, again. I'm sill learning houdini, and it's a steep learning curve.
  15. Copy Stamp - outward rotation

    Thanks. What about if you have 2 geometries (box, sphere) plugged into switch followed by a transform for the offset. How can you make a copy stamp with a 360/$NCY in Z rotation, so each time you increase the copy number, you would get a box for all odd numbers, and a sphere for all even numbers, thus forming a circle made of box, sphere, box, sphere, box, sphere, etc...