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  1. Fully procedural, destruction ready building.

    Is it not allowed ? I did share it, because I feel like there's not too many 3d models that are actually prepared for destruction task.
  2. Hello everyone, Recently I tried to create a completely procedural building, which at the same time is ready to be destroyed with Houdini and this is what I ended up with. https://vimeo.com/355676432
  3. Houdini destruction RnD

    Here's the scenefile, It's one hell of a mess, but you can still get throught it. Houdini_destruction_v003_t001.hipnc
  4. Hello everyone, I want to switch between two objects, one low res box and the other fractured box based on a certain condition. I attach a simple scene file showcasing what I want to do. PS. What I mean by explicit is that I want to iterate over all of the packed objects and do the check there. Simple_case.hipnc
  5. Houdini destruction RnD

    Thanks, Depends what do you mean, all in all it's farily simple setup that uses pop advect by volume as source for force pushing the pieces apart. 3 sets of constraints glue for holding stuffs together, hard for bend inside structures and conerel for a little bit of stickness when the glue constraints gets broken. I can share the scenefile, but unfortunately can't give away the model as I bought it.
  6. Houdini destruction RnD

    Hello everyone, So I finally finished that one, took me a little big longer that supposed to, but that's to due to the fact that I had to figure out couple of the stuffs. This is rather a prepration of destruction workflow in Houdini before digging deeper in something more serious. Here's the link -
  7. Im using the bbox option to determine the axis of alignment for grains. I just did drop a connectivity sop and iterated over all of the pieces using class attrib in foreach loop, so I guess the pieces supposed to be seperated. As I mentioned sometimes using fuse and clean sop solves the issue so I assume the geo isn't clean, as the rbdmaterialfracture node uses booleans to cut the pieces. Do you know any other methods of cleaning up geometry before throwing it via booleans ?
  8. RBD problem with breaking objects

    For the falling piece issue the way to resolve that is fairly simple, just drop after your assemble sop a point wrangler and paste that into it. if(@P.y < 1) i@active = 0; else i@active = 1; this will make the pieces near the ground inactive. For the clustering I have no idea since I didn't use this method for clusters, Im still sticking with the old one, but seems fine to me.
  9. Hello everyone, I don't know if it's right place for that post, but I run into some issue using the new rbdmaterialfracture node, especially the wood material property, I tried fusing the vertices, polyfiling, polydoctor, divide sop and even clean, but still in some places it produces such results. after - https://imgur.com/a/Fmg3Icc before - https://imgur.com/a/CJKv6gd Thanks,