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  1. Change Preset location

    Did you figure this out?
  2. Sprite Pops - Image Sequence

    This does help, thanks! Very interesting approach, so not really using the pop sprite. I guess for viewport visualization purposes I could link them all to the values on the material. I just thought the pop sprite would be a very straightforward simple node.
  3. Sprite Pops - Image Sequence

    Thanks for replying, for the time being I've done something similar to your last resort option, but since I couldn't drive the image sequence frame by the age of the particles I did it with traced geo based of of the initial image sequence, which is great for certain things. But this I feel is over kill for something as simple as sprites, so I really would like to find a way to do it with those. I've attached a simplified file of just some sprite fire attempt where I'm creating a string texture attribute to try and drive the material with. I appreciate the help. Sprite.zip
  4. Sprite Pops - Image Sequence

    No one has any insight on this?
  5. Hello everyone, I've seen multiple posts and some discussion on regards to sprites, but most of it is from 8 or 10 years ago, so I was wondering if anyone would have some insight on a workflow or an example on H.17 for adding a looping image sequences to sprites. You must be thinking, "sprites? people still use those?", but the style I'm aiming to achieve relies heavily on some 2D animation. I've used some techniques with traced 2D sequences instanced into particles but for the sprites I am a little lost, specially when it comes to rendering the sequences. I've created an attribute for it based on the life $HIP/Sprite_v001_`padzero(4,round(fit01($LIFE,1,20)))`.png but not sure where to use it afterwards (shops have changed a lot in recent years). Also tried adding something to the Sprite Map on the popsprite inside dop: $HIP/Sprite_v001_`padzero(4,$F%40+1)`.png but still no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.