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  1. group parameter ( ? )

    Here is the script I created to pre-poulate the groups menu: # Get the currently selected group type geometryType = kwargs["node"].parmTuple( "grouptype" ) # Get the value (points, edges, prims, etc) for tuple in geometryType: type = tuple.rawValue() menu = [] i = 0 # Get the current node node = kwargs.get( "node", None ) # Select the groups to work with based # on the selected group type if node: if type == "points" ||: groups = node.geometry().pointGroups() elif type == "edge": groups = node.geometry().edgeGroups() elif type == "prims": groups = node.geometry().primGroups() else: return menu # Iterate through the groups and # add each name to the menu for group in groups: gName = group.name() menu.extend( [str(i), gName] ) i += 1 return menu
  2. Kerning Tool

    I am not sure how many people will find this useful, but I created a little HDA for kerning typography in Houdini. There are a few more things I might add to it including type alignment. But hopefully someone will find this useful seeing as you cannot manually kern letters in Houdini. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to use addAtrib() to fix the "textindex" on a node being created through a callback function. Right now, all "textindex" values are set to "0" opposed to the proper index value. kern.hdanc
  3. File Parameter

    Does anybody know how to populate the file entry list with default values (in this case fonts), when creating a custom parameter interface?
  4. Tab Menu

    Thanks Skybar, simple solution, same amount of key strokes. I might put in an RFE at some point.
  5. Old question, but do you mind me asking why one must explicitly set it to Points?
  6. Tab Menu

    I mean now I kinda do hahah. Maybe, I can play Tetris or Brick Breaker with all the different node types. But ya my request is a very silly (simple?) one, I just wanna select what I type in the tab menu.
  7. Tab Menu

    Lol, I'm not sure why I would ever need all 959 SOP nodes, but I appreciate this.
  8. Tab Menu

    I wasn't looking to select nodes. I was just looking to select the text I type in the tab menu. When I press ctrl + A, it types the letter 'a' opposed to selecting all the type in the search field. It's a super little thing, but I'm just trying to avoid pressing the delete key a lot of times.
  9. Tab Menu

    Would you happen to know why the ctrl / cmd keys aren't registered in the tab menu?
  10. Tab Menu

    This is a really little thing but is there away to use "ctrl + a" in the TAB MENU?
  11. Wire attached geo collision

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but Fabrico Chamon did a video about this using the wire solver: Cheers, Seze
  12. fluidsource in h17..?

    They depreciated the Fluid Source node in H17, the first two videos on this website do a good job of showing the process for recreating it: http://www.appliedhoudini.com/houdini-17-updates You can also drop down any one of the Pyro FX shelf tools and explore how volume sourcing is done. Cheers, Seze
  13. Collisions in Vellum

    Thanks Andrea, that did the trick. The two things I am having trouble with now are: 1) Vellum object collision is not registering. I thought it might have to do with the thickness of the cloth (since there is some space between the objects) but changing it didn't affect collisions. I also tried tweaking the the "Search Scale" in the "Advanced" tab of the Vellum Solver, but that didn't do too much either. I feel like I am missing something simple? 2) The collisions look "flickery" when I visualize them. To get around it I have increased the Substep Iterations on the vellum solver which helped a little but it's still a little jittery. Do I need to just increase the substeps or is there a work around for this? Lastly, I noticed you had increased the "Max Acceleration" on the Vellum Solver and I thought that might help me with my balloons inflating smoothly but they still are pretty jerky when they inflate? Any tips. Thanks again!! inflate-test-002.hipnc
  14. Collisions in Vellum

    I want to change the texture color of colliding objects in vellum. I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to access the collision data from the vellum solver but I can't find anything in the documentation. In the geometry spreadsheet it shows a column for 'hitnum' but the values are all 0 even when my geometry touches. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers inflate-test.hipnc