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  1. Houdini pyro particles explosion

    hey all, I have two questions: 1.) How to add smoke and fire to the particles, inside in the geo node? 2.) How to put the particles together, like trails...? I am very confused.. explosion_2.hipnc
  2. Create a Trail explosion in Houdini 17.5

    I have written, that I searched whole youtube haha "whole"..... but I havent find anything... :/
  3. Create a Trail explosion in Houdini 17.5

    Hey all, I am trying to do a explosion like this in the picture. I am very desperate, I have searched up the whole internet around but have find nothing... I have tried to do some particle emitting from a sphere with some forces but it wasn't like this... Can someone help me please... ps. if someone have time to make a hip file for me it would be a bigger help thanks in advance,
  4. How to make a cool explosion

    Hey all, I need some help, to create a cool explosion like in the picture... I want to make it with some particles... How I can make this effect?? can someone make a list how to make it...
  5. Add smaller fracture shards to an Fracture object

    Sorry that you have mishearing me.... but I mean add to the particles some smaller debris
  6. Add smaller fracture shards to an Fracture object

    thank you man but I have mean how I can add to the debris particles - the smaller shards but thanks
  7. Hey all, How can I add in Houdini 17.5 some debris to an fractured object...so I like to add some smaller debris shards to an object... I have watched on Youtube but I didnt find anything because they have tutorials about this but ONLY for earlier Houdini versions... Help would be very nice...
  8. Curve attract Particles problem

    hey all, I have a curve, which is attract particles. Everything is fine, BUT the outer particles only fall down without a curveforce... SO I like to make a tornado with particles. but the outer particles fall down... how can I delete them or make attract to the curve?? and you can see in the screenshot that the inner particles a attract to the curve but the outer are fallin' down... tornado problem.hipnc
  9. Strange Smoke issues

    what you mean with pyro object?
  10. Strange Smoke issues

    Hey all, so I have a explosion, but the smoke is like small Squares...that's very strange. What I make wrong...the smoke shouldn't be squares but normal... (I hope everybody understand me, what I try to explain) I hope someone can solve this problem... it would be very nice edit: one file is damaged so try the other Smoke explosion problem.hipnc Smoke explosion problem.hipnc
  11. Fracture parts don't fall down

    Hello, When I have fracture a small 3D landscape with a sphere, the fractured parts doesn't fall down. My glue constraints have the strength of 10. So, that is very strange. Thats looks like the Grid is stopped the parts which I have destroyed. Hope you all understand me destruction problem.hipnc
  12. Cant see smoke

    ok thanks I know that yours is working. The same is, when I try the standard cube fracture with smoke, it works for me too
  13. Cant see smoke

    Hey all, So, I have a problem. I have a large scale animation where a sphere (a meteor) is destroying a brigde. I have add to the debris node - billowy smoke, but I cant see anything of the smoke in my viewport. What I make wrong? I hope someone can help me here the file: Brige destruction.hipnc
  14. How to change Smoke resolution

    Hey all, I have a problem with my smoke sim. I have a sphere crashing the cube (cube is fractured). And I have put in the debris node the explosion - effect. But in my render view the smoke resolution is filled with some squares. But I want to change the smoke resolution to become a realistic smoke from the explosion. I have make a screenshot. Thanks in advance, I hope I become help...
  15. create Tornado

    Hey all.. is there a trick, how can I made fast and easy in houdini a tornado, so with smoke and other stuff....I mean not a 1 hour tutorial on YouTube. like in the movie "Into the Storm" thanks for advance