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  1. Hello I have a big pyro sim going on, and now I want to export this simulation as VDB's. I have set up a up-res container but when I import the exported vdb files from the high res container into Blender, then the result is kinda awkward... There are just points of smoke (as shown here in the screenshot: 2. Screenshot 1 is showing the vdb export node with the settings and pyro fields I have even set the density quite high but still the same ugly result there... have I exported it in the wrong way? or why is it like this?!
  2. How to export vdb's in the right way

    Uhm what? I have disabled the " Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic node" and now the smoke sim is cutted off by the bounding box... and also, I dont used sparse solver...
  3. How to export vdb's in the right way

    But how do I turn off the "continuous expansion of the domain and lock down the domain size"?
  4. How to export vdb's in the right way

    Hello, I have a massive smoke simulation going on, and now I want to export this simulation in vdb's, to import them into a another 3d software (Blender). But when I click on the cache button or render to disk button, everything goes well, until frame 70 +-10 frames or so.. and then it stops because I am getting out or RAM. As I have 64 GB RAM, I would love if someone could explain me, how can I export the whole simulation, without decreasing the smoke division size... or smoke quality! I have tried to just export the density field, but then the smoke looks kinda low res and only if I am exporting ALL pyro fields, like: density, temperature, fuel, vel x, vel z, vel y.... and so on, then the smoke is high-res in Blender. But if I am exporting all fields, then it stops after frame 70 because of the RAM... is it possible to cut this simulation in parts and exporting them seperatly or somehow optimizing the fields or the pyro sim or vdb's so that I can export the whole simulation without any problems AND in high-res quality? Thanks for advance Daniel
  5. Hello I dont know if I do something wrong, but Houdini is crashing sooo often... everytime I move the camera or the 3d viewport then Houdini is freezing and its just a white screen for a few minutes and then it works again, but sometimes its just crashing... my pc specs: Threadripper 1920x 64 GB Ram GPU: HD Readon 6990 If someone has a few tips or help I would be really happy how to solve that?!
  6. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    still the same problem... I have tried everything you suggested me
  7. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    nothing has helped to fix it! i am so sorry!
  8. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    thanks for your help. It was the problem. But now, I have the next problem: I can't get rid off these edges from my flip sim area... I am playing with the flatten distance parameter, but nothing is changing... could you try to look where is the problem there?
  9. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    Oooooh !! - yeah this could it be!! I am sooo dumb haha but thanks!!
  10. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    here is the hip file for you splashdown_5.hipnc
  11. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    hey, sorry for the late reply! Yea I have scattered points on a bigger grid and I use them to scatter the waves...
  12. Hello I am doing a unlimited ocean in Houdini. But for some reason I dont know how can I fix the issue where at the horizon there aren't any waves attached... (see screenshot). What is causing this? And how to fix this?
  13. Hello I have an animated Object and when I apply a hero rdb object then the animation is gone and my object is just falling down into the water... But I want it to float on the surface after it has touched down. How can I achive that? Thanks for advance
  14. Flip fluid - Simulation area different color

    Hey thanks for your answer! I have solved it, I think it was the grid size in the ocean spectrum node. It was too low if i can remember it! But I will try your idea out too in the future!!
  15. Hello I am working on a Ocean scene with a flip tank integration. Now I have rendered out the ocean with the flip tank simulation. And now I want to render the white water. But a few frames after the white water simulation started rendering, the rendering process just keeps crashing, and I dont know how to fix it. Or I do something wrong? Should I cache out the white water first and then hit render or how? And how I can create render passes of the white water, so I just can overlay the different render layers in a compositing software on each other and I dont need to mask it out somehow... Help would be much appreciated!! also, I have used the pop advect by volumes node and the bounding box is cutting away some of the white water, how can I fix this too???? Thanks!