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  1. Hello I dont know if I do something wrong, but Houdini is crashing sooo often... everytime I move the camera or the 3d viewport then Houdini is freezing and its just a white screen for a few minutes and then it works again, but sometimes its just crashing... my pc specs: Threadripper 1920x 64 GB Ram GPU: HD Readon 6990 If someone has a few tips or help I would be really happy how to solve that?!
  2. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    still the same problem... I have tried everything you suggested me
  3. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    nothing has helped to fix it! i am so sorry!
  4. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    thanks for your help. It was the problem. But now, I have the next problem: I can't get rid off these edges from my flip sim area... I am playing with the flatten distance parameter, but nothing is changing... could you try to look where is the problem there?
  5. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    Oooooh !! - yeah this could it be!! I am sooo dumb haha but thanks!!
  6. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    here is the hip file for you splashdown_5.hipnc
  7. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    hey, sorry for the late reply! Yea I have scattered points on a bigger grid and I use them to scatter the waves...
  8. Hello I am doing a unlimited ocean in Houdini. But for some reason I dont know how can I fix the issue where at the horizon there aren't any waves attached... (see screenshot). What is causing this? And how to fix this?
  9. Hello I have an animated Object and when I apply a hero rdb object then the animation is gone and my object is just falling down into the water... But I want it to float on the surface after it has touched down. How can I achive that? Thanks for advance
  10. Flip fluid - Simulation area different color

    Hey thanks for your answer! I have solved it, I think it was the grid size in the ocean spectrum node. It was too low if i can remember it! But I will try your idea out too in the future!!
  11. Hello I am working on a Ocean scene with a flip tank integration. Now I have rendered out the ocean with the flip tank simulation. And now I want to render the white water. But a few frames after the white water simulation started rendering, the rendering process just keeps crashing, and I dont know how to fix it. Or I do something wrong? Should I cache out the white water first and then hit render or how? And how I can create render passes of the white water, so I just can overlay the different render layers in a compositing software on each other and I dont need to mask it out somehow... Help would be much appreciated!! also, I have used the pop advect by volumes node and the bounding box is cutting away some of the white water, how can I fix this too???? Thanks!
  12. How to make a animated object float in a flip fluid simulation

    But isnt the animated object just disturbing the hero collision in some way?.. when I am cliking on the hero object, then my alembic object is falling apart in multiple pieces and I dont want that
  13. Hey I am trying to achive the effect of floating but with an animated alembic object. I have tried the feedback scale in the flip solver but this doesn't help me just nothing happening. So now I am asking here, if someone has an idea how can I make a animated object float in a FLIP Sim, help would be very appreciated. The object is the starship rocket stage from SpaceX if someone here follows spacex - it should land in the ocean near Hawaii - I've done a short animation but now I dont know how to make it float... Thanks in advance Flipbook_animation.mp4
  14. Hello As I was going through some tweaking of my Ocean scene, I have discovered a problem. Why my flip fluid area has a different color then my extended ocean?? I have done a few times ago the same things but sometime this problem had appeared! :/ would be nice if someone knows the answer how to tackle this!? thanks!
  15. Track pyro simulation to a moving (Alembic) object

    I want to create a rocket splashdown in the ocean. But for that I will need a thrust ignition, which will be interacting with a flip fluid and a extended ocean (already done)... so now I want somehow create the thrust flame for it...