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  1. Hi, I've got a "wood" structure that needs destroying and I'm getting stuck on the simulation part. The sim looks good for about 3-4 seconds and then the fractured pieces start to move of their own accord (i.e they freak out). I've fiddled with substeps (both DOPNET and bulletrbdsolver), collision geo, constraint iterations, etc. I watched countless tutorials and searched the web looking for answers, but nothing seems to work. I just don't know where the issue is coming from. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Example file provided and link to video showing problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ok51dj13f5187gf/Sim_Issue_A.mp4?dl=0 Thanks! Wood_RnD_Example_File.hip
  2. Thanks for the links. After some testing, they work, but the falloff created is not linear (for the shape I'm using). I would like the density to be highest on the outside of the box shape and fade towards the "center". What I'm currently getting is: dense, less dense, than dense again (see image). RED text from 0-1 is what I would like. See .hip file and image below. Thanks. density_box_fade.hiplc
  3. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to decrease a volume's density based on some value (say a point's position in space). Say you have a sphere converted into a volume and a point at the center of that volume. How do you go about calculating the volume's distance from that point and modifying the density based on that? I would like the density to decrease the closer it is to the point. I've tried volumesample(), volume gradient VOP node, and a few others...but I'm missing something. Either VEX or VOP solution is fine. Density decreases closer to the center... Thanks!
  4. Debri Source and Alembic

    AH! So sorry about the alembic file missing...long week :). I've included it in the original post. I don't have a "inside" group in the alembic file...that may be the issue. That is something I noticed between the alembic file and the Houdini created version. I do have an "Inside_Faces_1" group (which does seem to help with the issue). Thanks so much for the suggestions, I'll give them a shot.
  5. Debri Source and Alembic

    See my post below.
  6. Debri Source and Alembic

    Hi, I've got an alembic file that I need to create some debris from. However, when I unpack the alembic, throw it into a material fracture and wire up a debris source node, it doesn't quite work how I want it to. Problem is points are being generated on some of the edges of the outside face. I just want the points to be generated on the fracture edges. Any idea as to why this is happening? I'm assuming it's something to do with the alembic file. I have another set-up that uses a simple box (no alembic file) and the debris source node does fine with that. Any input would be great! Thanks! See attached file for reference and image below. Debris_Source_Cinema 4D_to_Houdini.hip Voronoi_Fracture_Gradual_Break.abc

    Hi, Great info in this thread! So how would one go about tapering BOTH ends of the curve? The result would look something like: thin, thick, thin. Thanks!