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  1. How to group prims by similar curvature

    Ahhhhaha wow! Thrilled to have your input! Didn't know about feeding seam groups to connectivity! Thank you!
  2. How to group prims by similar curvature

    Hi, I'm a relatively new user so forgive me if this is a trivial problem I'm trying to sort my mesh according to regions of similar curvature. My aim is to be able to iterate over each region and remesh it smoothly— Ideally, in a way that would preserve boundary points and leave the mesh water-tight. Below is a link to the work of a Houdini artist whose procedure I'm trying to reproduce on my own meshes. Any help or a nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated. I've attached a very simple hip file illustrating what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks so much! Measured Partitioning_test.hiplc