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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! incredible RnD!
  2. dbukovec


    Incredible work man! Thanks a lot for sharing!
  3. Or check that you are not exporting packed alembics, that reads always as separate objects in maya.
  4. You don't have any material loaded into volume light, also no pyro material on the pyro_import. I think volume light uses the the field which outputs "Ce", thus it will emit light to the surroundings. This is from the default fireball shelf tool, and added volume light. Advance to frame 20 and render. volumeLightSetup01.hip
  5. Hey! Just select the usual "pyro_import" at object level, and click the shelf tool for vol light. It will use the pyro shader and suck in the volume. It is a good idea to hide the light from the viewport, because it is slow.
  6. hi! Increase the stochastic transparency samples, try 16, on mantra ROP, also use the PBR mode, and you may increase the pixel sample to at least 4*4 What you see in the viewport is not equivalent what you see in render.
  7. I think you got the movement right, great job!
  8. Digic Pictures is looking for experienced FX artists, who are available to start as early as June or as soon as possible. EU citizenship is an advantage, but not an absolute requirement. Relocation is needed. Feel free to apply through the job posting below. Position Overview: Reporting directly to FX team lead, you will be responsible for the creation of wide ranging natural phenomena for a variety of game cinematics. Houdini and 3ds Max are the software packages of choice. Ability to collaborate with other departments like Set/Animation/Lightning-Compositing is necessary. Main responsibilities and duties: Use an array of commercial and proprietary software tools to deliver photorealistic results Produce test and often final renders of FX elements for a shot Create test composites for daily reviews Work in partnership with lighters & compositors to ensure that shots are delivered to the very highest standard Stay on schedule and meet deadlines whilst maintaining the highest quality of work Experience and skills: At least 3 years of experience as an effect artist Good eye for details, good sense of timing, dynamics and motion, and thorough understanding of techniques relating to physical simulation Experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam, explosions, particles, rigid bodies Extensive knowledge of Houdini or 3ds Max (fumeFX, particles) Familiarity with Nuke Personal attributes: Good communication skills (English language) Good attention to detail Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines, whilst maintaining high quality results Ability to work as part of a team, as well as alone Ability to work with minimal supervision Flexibility and adaptability If you would like to apply for this position, please fill out our application form on http://www.digicpictures.com/en/open-positions/effect-td/
  9. hi! 1. it is much more controllable than voronoi 2. it gives a much more realistic look. cons: - produces a lot of polygons, but simulations can be done with proxy version. - there is a limitation with uv's transferring back to fractured model by convert_vdb sop (if someone knows a proper way, let me know) I mainly use it if the subject of fracturing is in close-up Otherwise voronoi is good for bunch of things.
  10. hi! You converted the Bucket object to VDB, You already setup the collisions for staticobject_Sandpit (DOP), you should make the same for the staticobject_Bucket. Also rewired the dopnet a bit, could not test the sim, cos there is no animation SandPit_AnimationPreViz_db.zip
  11. Can you please share a hip, just run into this problem, thanks a lot!
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