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  1. Create point on the middle of a primitive

    thank guys, odforce really rock!!
  2. Hi, So I'm trying to create a point on the center of a primitive like the picture I've attached. Can anyone help me out? - Scatter will create the point but it is randomly, not on the middle of the grid - I've tried other centroid point methods but the point is outside of the mesh. So I'm stuck here
  3. Create line between different color part

    sorry for my bad explaining, yes the picture above is exactly what i want to do,
  4. Hi, so I'm working on some setup which will create lines between different color part of a picture. Any suggestion on how to do that? My workflow here is to create a color ramp and change the color of picture to the nearest color in the ramp, then partition by color. But I'm stuck in how to match the color from source picture to the ramp.
  5. rbd problem with @active

    yes, i did it and still have problems. here my hip file i have a temporary solution, but keep wonder what is wrong demo fracture box.hip
  6. rbd problem with @active

    Hi, sorry for the noob question, i'm using i@active = 1 if @Cd > 0 to active packed geometry. but after a few frame when that point out of range(@Cd = 0), i@active back to 0 and the geometry stop moving, so how to make it stay active ?