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  1. Hi I'm just following this tutorial, and when I follow the tutorial exactly, volume collision work well but If I tweak it little bit , It doens't work.. I simulated volume data like this. and I made this sphere to use as collision and did the same thing in the tutorial (make static object by using shelf tool) and Dopnet just shows this little bit of smoke and it doens't work well like before I just followed tutorial. What's the problem? there is enough empty space in sphere and volume. so I just guessed 'maybe bounding box of volume shouldn't have any penetration with sphere'. but hmm well.. It wasn't .. What can I do to fix this problem ? help me~~!
  2. [SOLVED] Control Pin point in Vellum ?

    Oh god, this is perfect !! I had never thought about controlling the mass attrib Thank you for reply, Solve this.
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to make something with Vellum system but now suffering some problems. What I wanna make is, Pin point group is disabled after 30 frames. I tried to use switch SOP node and to control 'group_pin_src' node in Vellum cloth Sop node. It didn't work and I think I should try it in Vellum solver node. but I don't have any idea with this node. Give me some helps please ! Here's my hip file vellum_Pin.hip
  4. [SOLVED] Control Pin point in Vellum ?

    Thanks for reply and I tried your suggestion. but It doesn't work... When I check geometry solver of vellum solver, group:pin changed successfully but, simulation doesn't change. I think this node in Vellumcloth SOP node affect to pinsrc value and It caused this problem. but It isn't updated anymore TT
  5. When I use shelf tools like about destruction or pyro, Houdini makes rest node and rest field. and I don't know where can I use it. I think rest node for destruction and rest field in pyro are completely different but I don't know how can I use it. I'm the beginner of Houdini and so .. help me ! Sorry for my English btw TT
  6. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9yoUkFzInA" This is tutorial link and I made this node with that. and I heard about quaternion that it has only 4 vectors so We can use it more efficient way to rotate object. But this tutorial's node convert quaternion to matrix at last. so If I want to use this node properly and I expected, using quaternion. Which part that I should change ?? Sorry for my poor English and Help me wizards !
  7. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    during made those things, I just tought "Should I have to make quaternion to matrix ?, then why are they saying 'quaternion is more efficient on caculating' ?? at last they has to convert it to matrix. Am I worong .. ?? The key point that I want to know is, 'How can I rotate object by using quaternion ?' I use box object as this node's input and it worked as good. but I want to rotate it by using quaternion .. I don't know I wrote right ,,, sorry for my English again haha
  8. question about "Quaternion rotation"

    I just tweaked a little bit and made tihs by using quaternion. but, is this efficient than upper one ?? Give me advice so I can make this properly please !
  9. I'm trying to make some flame thrower fx but have some problems with control such fields like temperature, heat and etc .. for fx what I make, I wanted to make some fire from dragon's mouth. It's own scale is big so, I imagined that the fire would be more smaller than this pic I captured. If I make the fire more smaller, Which parameter should I have to control ? I thought, Shape tap in pyro solver would be used for controling shape of smoke. and I changed some parameters on Combustion tab, but I couldn't change shape of fire itself. Help me and sorry for my English
  10. Thank you guys, I just made little sphere and tried to change all of parameters as you guys let me know When I finished , I'll upload at here Thank you very much !!
  11. Hi I've got some geometry and want to use it as collision geomtery. when I change this geomtry to volume using by vdbfrompolygons node, It looks like second pic. I think It's because of unfilled geomtry, but problem is All geomtries I've got are unfilled like this one. My purpose was make geometry to volume and use it as volume sample at staticobject node in dopnet. How can I fix it ? or If you know other efficient ways to make unfilled geometry as collision geometry, let me know please. Thanks for read, My English is poor sorry
  12. Yes ! This is what I wanted Thank you very much for your help !! Is this different with pump function in shelf tool ? In 'Flip source' node, I can find Pump operator and I tried to use it. but Anyway ! Here is the different way to make it Thank you !
  13. I'm trying to make custom velocity field in fluid dopnet. but I couldn't find any tutorial with this.. there are only version before H17 and some are about Pyro. when the fluid particles passes that box on right of the view, velocity pushes particles to its own velocity direction. Can you tweak my hip file for it ? I'm having problems with how can I make box to vel field, and set volume source node up in dopnet to use it as volume velocity. If you help me, It will be really big pleasure to me custom_velField.hip
  14. There is any problem with licensing, but when I render this shot. It just looks like this. Lights doesn't affect to scene now. Is there any additional option about this problem ?? Help me !
  15. Hello I just followed tutorial about Bendint Metal using hard constraint. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=38RhntxXcMI) and had some problems with setup hard constraint and need your help TT In my scene, I setup my hard constraint like left screenshot(red lines). and just like the tutorial, write vex codes for make hard constraint where middle of each constraints. This is guide geometry of constraints in dopnet. Left side is the tutorirals constraint one and right is mine. Modeling is different(I create my modeling my own), but I don't think It makes those difference in constraint. I set up Rest length option same with tutorial but what are those additional constraint points ?? I think those points causes difference with the tutorial so I need some helps to get rid of them. How can I get rid off them ? Sorry for my English TT
  16. Thanks for reply, I checked the option you mentioned. but His options is turned on and mine is also .. and I checked my scene at Houdini 16 version, and It shows me a same result (still has difference with the tutorial). I think I just missed something hmm
  17. Question with 'vertexindex' functioin

    Thanks for reply I understand !! Thank you !!
  18. Hi I'm just stuyding Houdini and have some problems with VEX function named 'vertexindex'. as I understood, It makes 'a linear vertex' from primitive and its vertex. and so arguments need @prinnum and vertex number. But Look at this screenshot. Pink number on shot is primitive number and the number behind of it is return of vertex number 0. I wrote the VEX code as 'i@hi = vertexindex(0, @primnum, 0);' I put 0 in third argument and I expected the result as 1 in primitive 1. because It's No.0 vertex is 1. isn't it ? but the result was 4. I'm so confused with it T_T Help me wizards !!