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  1. instancepoint() is undefined - ?

    AH.. gotcha, that unfortunately wasn't immediately clear. Thanks for taking the time to explain things!
  2. instancepoint() is undefined - ?

    Hey all, Just starting my journey into Houdini after years doing Processing, Cinder, oF, trying to learn the basics and figure out certain things I was doing via code, but in Houdini. First thing I thought I'd try is instancing and I'm already off to a bit of a bad start ha. I have instances of my geometry all set up with and instance node and I'm trying to pass per-instance attributes to each instance. However, whenever I call `instancepoint` in an attribute wrangle, Houdini errors out and tells me `instancepoint` is undefined. Can someone point me in the right direction? As far as I can tell the function hasn't been deprecated or anything like that. Thanks!