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  1. procedural stones/rocks

    You're welcome. It's six years old now, (wow, I'm getting old) and I recently revisited this. I made the asset an OTL (free of course) - you can get it here: https://www.orbolt.com/asset/jwoelper::jwoelper_stone_generator If you're interested I started a new take on the generator and uploaded the progress here: http://blog.schdbr.de/rocks/ However I am doing that from scratch and there will be some more stuff to do Best Johann
  2. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Ha! That was quick of you! Sesi emailed me too that the problem was solved. I remember reading that they added bake outputs to the principled shader in a previous build - perhaps you have to add the needed bake outputs to your Mantra Surface shader yourself? Best Johann
  3. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Yeah, I just downloaded the latest nightly and the problem still persists. I have submitted a bug report and provided a sample scene to SESI, and got response that they are looking into this (as of June 23rd) - given their usual 1-day bugfix speed this might be a bigger issue - I can message back here if I get response from them. Cheers Johann
  4. Bake texture ROP outputs black...

    Same here. Adding any material to the hires object helps displaying the channels (like a principled shader). You can RMB > Allow editing of contents on the material and you will find a bakeexports node that seems to take care of what the bake sees. Unfortunately, this does NOT create tangent space normals for me that approximate the hires geometry any more. If you assign the concrete material from the material palette for example, you will see there is something going on in the Nt channel. But these are just the additional normal alterations that the shader does - not the difference between the low and hires object.
  5. vertex UV in GLSL

    Wow, thanks Mark, this is incredibly helpful!! This will set me on the right direction! Thanks again Johann
  6. vertex UV in GLSL

    This seems like a very basic question and is related to GLSL, so I don't know if this is the right corner of the forum. I have a simple working GLSL shader that pulls in the uv attribute. This is the Vertex Shader: #version 150 in vec3 P; in vec3 N; in vec2 uv; out vec3 vPos; out vec3 vN; out vec2 uvCoords; uniform mat4 glH_ObjectMatrix; uniform mat4 glH_ViewMatrix; uniform mat4 glH_ProjectMatrix; uniform mat3 glH_NormalMatrix; void main() { vPos = vec3(glH_ViewMatrix * glH_ObjectMatrix * vec4(P, 1.0)); vN = normalize (glH_NormalMatrix * N); uvCoords = uv; gl_Position = glH_ProjectMatrix * vec4(vPos, 1.0); } Fragment shader: #version 150 uniform sampler2D t_diffmap; in vec3 vN; in vec2 uvCoords; out vec4 color; void main() { vec3 diff; diff = texture(t_diffmap, uvCoords).rgb; color = vec4(diff,1.0); } Now, this works with point UVs. If my UVs are of vertex type, this does not work any more (the shader shows a single color only). Since 99% of my meshes will be vertex UV, I am seriously wondering how I get access to them in the GLSL shader... Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance Johann
  7. Hi everyone! I have a little annoying problem: I have an enormous amount of groups, and I want too keep just a pattern of them. In the delete SOP, I may specify values in the group entry sections such as !myPrefix*, but I can't use it since the geometry shares multiple groups. Instead, I want to delete the groups directly. When I append a Group SOP, on the "Delete" tab, I may specify a wildcard, such as myPrefix*, but I can not negate it, such as !myPrefix*. Is this intended behavior? Cheers Johann
  8. Copy SOP in COPs

    Hi everyone! My aim is to put together a set of images (like sprites/particles) randomized in scale/rotation/translation over a canvas. What i am looking for is a way to composite a number of frames on top of each other using some blend mode. Think of the mosaic node, just not next to each other but stacked like the layer node. The time filter COP is almost what I want - however not completely. Does anyone know a trick that would allow me to do this? Best regards and thanks in advance Johann
  9. fuse between groups only

    Thanks a million for taking the time to assemble this example! This was very very helpful! Thanks again Johann
  10. fuse between groups only

    Hi! Thank you very much for the help! Unfortunately, this method does not work for me... my grouped points are closer together than their targets, so I'd strictly need a member of A snap to a member of B only. I have included my problem next to your example in the file - sorry if I did not explain it properly. fuseGroups.hipnc
  11. Hi everyone, just came across a problem where I wanted to fuse points between two or more groups. Suppose I have groups A and B. I do not want points from group A to fuse with other points within group A, just with ones in group B. That way points in A should only fuse to ones in group B and vice versa. Is that possible? I tried to work around that by creating volumes from the geometry and intersecting them, but that method is not precise and cpu-intensive... Any help is greatly appreciated! Johann
  12. procedural stones/rocks

    Yeah, I guess I will go the displacement way too in the end... I just wanted to play with VEX a bit and I think it is a more intuitive way of visualizing the displacement instead of re-rendering every minute. By the way, is there a way to easily include/port/paste the vex sop code into a shader displacement? (as in "switching the vex sop off and the shader on"?) If they could share the same code this would be perfect for visualization... I have started working on the surface shader, it is included in the scene and visualized in the test rendering. Cheers Johann stonemap.hipnc
  13. procedural stones/rocks

    Thanks a lot for the many useful tips! I even colored all my parameter nodes I also added some new logic and parameters that allow the creation of very different types of rocks as well as large stone surfaces (it should some day be able to do canyon walls and mountain sides). Hip file follows after cleaning up. Beware of the stone spam: viewport display of the mesh: this looks like the dinosaur turd preset: Cheers Johann